$70,000 new business in 1 week

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"Btw, closed the door on $70K in business just this week... you're the man."

Gotta love getting emails like this from the Consulting Tycoon clan.

Seventy. Thousand. Dollars.

One week.

Let that sink in.

Make no mistake, you're amongst ninja-level players here.

While the unwashed masses jump from one shiny object to another -- consuming content like a stoner with a box of twinkies -- daydreaming their lives away... our members are kicking butt and taking names.

But of course these type of results don't happen overnight.

And not everyone is this far along their journey.

In fact, sometimes hearing results like these can be downright intimidating.

When you're struggling to get a single new client -- or wondering how you're going to pay your mortgage this month -- the idea of making 70 thousand dollars in a single week in mind bending.

So take note of two important facts:

1. It IS possible.

2. Many are building from more humble beginnings.

And breakthrough results come in all shapes and sizes.

For example:

One new client jumped from $3,165 in July to $5,665 in August.

Another recently inked an SEO deal with that should bring in more than $5,000 per month once all is said and done.

And yet another just had their first $7k month.

Perhaps these results aren't as impressive to you.

Or maybe they still seem like a dream.

I can tell you in each case these results made an IMPACT.

Cash in the bank, sure.

But more important are the shifts in mindset.

Belief that a new level of income is possible. Relief from financial pressure freeing up an entirely new level of strategic thinking you might not realise you're capable of.

I tell you all of this not to brag -- OK maybe a little, I'm proud of what our guys and gals are doing 🙂 -- but more importantly, to inspire.

Whatever level you're at now, know there is someone else who has been in your shoes and made the leap to the next level.

Mr $70k?

I remember just eight months ago his delight at landing a single $3000 project.

What were you doing eight months ago?

What will you be doing eight months from now?

Hit reply and let me know how I can help you.

Talk soon,

Kyle Tully

4 thoughts on “$70,000 new business in 1 week”

  1. Hey Kyle.

    My name is Robben Salter.

    I’ve been wanting to go into consulting for about a year now, but have not yet made the transition. I’ve been studying copy writing and lead generation and feel like I could deliver both services to clients for big fees.

    So far I’ve not yet made any money from my skill set, but believe I could if I had the right frame work to go off of.

    Your training looks top notch and I can’t wait to get going with your program.

    I had a question about the price of your program, I was wondering if you would accept a payment plan for your training.

    I would also be happy to pay you double your fee (including the payment plan fee) once I get my first deal done.

    My e-mail is robbensalter@gmail.com

    Thanks Kyle.


  2. Wow! Although I’m still toiling and scraping to get my first, I know that five and six-figure clients are in my near future. Can’t wait to get my first deal done so I can join CT.

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