What Would You Do With $10,000 Up-Front and $3,400 A Month?

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Kevin McKillip

Kevin used to travel 25-30 weeks of the year in a job he didn’t really like.

Within 3 short months of joining Consulting Tycoon he had secured two clients at $5,000 each, with a $3,400 recurring income.

Now he works from home as an Internet marketing consultant and is passionate about what he does. Check out this interview to see exactly how he did it.

Here’s a taste of what we covered:

  • Why consulting is the easiest path to get started in IM.
  • How he locks in 4-6 months worth of recurring revenue from each client.
  • The “Local Video Method” for securing high-paying clients — it works even when your prospects are “bombarded” by other web companies.
  • How long each video should be, what you need to cover, and why “setting up your stage” before you begin is crucial.
  • Why people who don’t work with him still personally refer others!

Resources mentioned on the call:

Take a listen and let me know what you think.

12 thoughts on “What Would You Do With $10,000 Up-Front and $3,400 A Month?”

  1. Wow! Great stuff guys. Thank you Kyle for more great content on your website and thank you Kevin for your inspiring product.

    1. Thank YOU for listening Miri! Glad you enjoyed it.

      These interviews are fun to do and there’s always a few killer take-away’s for those listening closely 😉

      Be interesting to see the next wave of success stories coming from people starting to use this method.

  2. Thanks again Kyle, was a pleasure. 15 minutes turned into 45 real quick, and I imagine we could have kept on going for hours. 🙂

    @ Miri thanks for listening too!

  3. Hi Kyle,
    First of all, I am so glad I found your site through an article on Hello Mails about forming a consulting group.
    Hearing Kevin talk about his process of starting to find clients was a real wake-up call. I have spent the past 8+ months downloading information from ‘experts’ about mastering everything from WordPress, article marketing, SEO, video distribution, podcasting, software submitters, email and auto responders, facebook siphons, etc. etc. Now I am totally paralyzed.
    I can only imagine the thousands of caring and passionate individuals out there that are in the same situation who would like to help local businesses be more effective in these areas.
    Thanks again.

    1. Thanks Kenton, really appreciate your comments. And welcome.

      Unfortunately there are a lot of people in the Internet marketing world whose entire business models are built on pushing the latest and greatest fads down our throats… under the guise of “education”.

      But all it does is pull you in a hundred different directions, make you confused, and keep you just busy enough “learning” that you never have time to actually go and DO anything.

      I like to keep things simple and just share what’s working for me and my friends 🙂 No need to over complicate things!


  4. Hey Kyle, I have recently started my first seo consulting business, and am in need of some advice in regards to getting clients. Where can I find them? My website for my seo consulting is http://www.evolmarketing.com, and we provide seo and other internet services to local businesses. I am just struggling on getting clients. Any advice would be appreciated thanks. By the way, big fan of your blog

  5. Wow, Awesome content Kyle!!

    I guess I just need to develop the self believe and start contacting these clients rather than doing simple cold calls and cold emails.


  6. Just awesome guys. Thank you Kyle and Kevin

    I got a lot out of this interview, and will create my first prospect review video today.

    I do heaps of screen capture videos and never once thought to use them for lead generation of new local business prospects.

    I have a feeling you’ve just tripled if not quadrupled my profits from local businesses with this interview.


  7. Really cool Interview. I have everything I need to put this method into action. I was cold calling before which I absolutely loath and business owners are numb from cold calls. This method will work wonders as there’s no pressure.

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