The SEO Method Revealed

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Today I’m talking with David Jenyns about how to get lots of free, highly targeted traffic from the search engines.

Dave got his start online in the stock market niche selling information products and competing in one of the most competitive SEO landscapes out there.

After testing The SEO Method on 500 domains over 6 years he went into the local business consulting market and started offering services to local businesses.

We first met at James Schramko’s Fast Web Formula 2 event here in Sydney and talked shop over a few beers at the after party. This is an interview I’ve been looking forward to for months and he doesn’t disappoint.

David Jenyns, John Carlton and Kyle Tully at the FWF2 after party.

In this 60-minute interview Dave reveals “The SEO Method” he uses to guarantee rankings for both his own websites and his consulting clients.

We cover things such as:

  • How to enter a market by leveraging off other people’s success.
  • The structure of a 6-figure info product marketing funnel.
  • A step-by-step SEO system perfected from 6 years of testing on 500+ domains.
  • What the latest Google updates mean for your SEO strategy.
  • Why SEO is just a means to an end for David and how to make SEO happen naturally without doing any “SEO” yourself.

We’re both talking at a million miles an hour so you might have to slow the recording down if you want to take notes!

Resources mentioned on the call:

13 thoughts on “The SEO Method Revealed”

  1. I’ve been an avid follower of Dave’s work, and all I know about SEO I learned from him, literally… The coolest thing? Though he provides SEO services to other businesses, he still teaches all he knows about it. He doesn’t hold back, no secret SEO techniques. What he teaches are what he does himself. And all the things he has to say, well they work great.

    A tip: Anyone who wishes to be kept abreast of all the latest SEO updates, I suggest you follow Dave’s twitter. His tweets all by itself are a veritable gold mine of SEO information.

    1. That’s what I love about Dave, he doesn’t hold anything back and just tells it like it is. Everything we talked about on the call is exactly what he does for himself and his clients.

      Thanks for your comments Franz!

  2. Following Dave’s method, I do think now that article marketing, using a service like Article Marketing Automation, is one of the best strategies for SEO. I still wonder though where to draw the line. I’ve done my research. Many individuals and entities online label article spinning as black hat. Ezine openly says its evil. Google on the other hand is strangely silent about this. What will they do if they catch anyone doing it?

    1. Ahhh this reminds me of the age old question “can certain links hurt your website rankings?” … I would counter with “if links could hurt you, I’ll go ahead and send plenty of bad links to my biggest competitor and get them taken out of the index”. It’s for this reason Google couldn’t operate in this matter.

      Food for thought.

      Your SEO Coach,

  3. Kyle, great interview! I had to leave early at the FWF2 seminar, was sad that I didn’t get a change to catch up as well.

    I think the explanation of his funnel (eg, starting out with a smaller priced product) is just so valuable. This is something that I am setting up myself at the moment.

    Nice work mate! 🙂

  4. Hey Kyle,

    thanks for this, you never seem to run out of good content and Dave really knows his SEO stuff. I picked up some more good nuggets from this look forward to more

  5. Thanks for the kind words guys 🙂

    Also Kyle, I was thinking I’d be happy to do a special webinar for the guys who purchase through your link. We can cover some of the latest link building methods we’re testing and their results. We’ve also recently had a pretty big breakthrough on youtube.

    Anyway just a thought… let me know.
    Your SEO Coach,

    1. Sounds good mate, if you can make Dec 16 at 10am you’re welcome on the private webinar I’m holding… otherwise I’m happy to do another one.

      SEO is a massive topic and I know we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of your knowledge 😉

  6. Hi Kyle,

    I’ve been following Dave’s blog for months now and I can say that he is really generous in sharing what he knows about internet marketing. In fact, interviews like this one is an indication that he reaches out to everyone who has the same passion for making money online.

    Looking back at the way he started his online business, I can sense how he aligned his motivation to learn and earn more through a step by step approach, something that most aspiring IMs need to remember. That working smart is better than working hard, even in this exciting world of Internet Marketing.

  7. I have bumped into some of David’s SEO videos a while back on Youtube. He sure knows what he is talking about. Stoked to have found this audio. Checking it out now!

  8. I love Dave’s work! It would be great if you could load this audio (and your others) to iTunes for easy download to my iphone’s iPod (next time I’ll buy an Android phone 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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