How To Get $5,500 Per Month SEO Clients (Including Real Life Case Study)

If you want to get local businesses to pay you $5,500 per month to do their SEO then there is nothing more powerful than...

Undeniable PROOF of Results

Take a look at the image -- 13 page one rankings on Google!

(This is a very competitive market where one sale brings in $20,000 - $90,000.)

Can you begin to image having this kind of "proof weapon" in your marketing arsenal?

Imagine talking to business owners and being able to casually mention:

"Oh yeah my last client has 13 listings on the first page of Google for the number one keyword in their market"

Think that will get their attention?

Imagine sending a direct mail piece with that screen shot as your proof of results... hell, I reckon you could send the image alone -- no letter at all -- with your phone number scrawled on the back and still get that $5,500 client!

The fact is, when you learn how to get rankings like this you don't need to try finding high-paying clients... they will seek YOU out. And pay whatever you ask.

How To Get Similar Results

This case study comes from one of our earliest Consulting Tycoon members James Schramko. He shares the exact process used to get these results in his new "Traffic Grab" training:

What I like most about the training is James uses lots of real world examples and case studies. You can see how he has applied the strategies himself and the kind of results you can achieve when you know a few insider secrets.

Here's What You Get

There are 24 traffic modules totaling 9 hours of training.

The first modules are FREE and cover Research, Content and Site Structure.

Then the paid modules cover just about every traffic source you need to know about:

  • Article Traffic
  • Web 2.0 Traffic
  • Video Traffic
  • Affiliate Traffic
  • Bookmarking Traffic
  • Press Release Traffic
  • Blog Traffic
  • RSS Traffic
  • Facebook Traffic
  • List Traffic
  • Twitter Traffic
  • PPC Traffic
  • CPV Traffic
  • Forum Traffic
  • Ezine Traffic
  • Media Traffic
  • Podcast Traffic
  • ClassifiedsTraffic
  • Webinar Traffic
  • Word Of Mouth Traffic
  • Ping Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Leverage

Plus you get the "Spaghetti Bowl" mind map used by James' own outsource team that details exactly how they approach the traffic-getting process for maximum results:

I gave this to my team and they are already implementing it for our sites. (Saved me a whole bunch of time creating training content for them too!)

Traffic Grab has only been out a few days and already over 1000 people have got access to it. For less than $100 you can't afford to miss out. If you have a team, give it to them and say "do this", then sit back and relax!

Check out the first training modules FREE right here.

3 thoughts on “How To Get $5,500 Per Month SEO Clients (Including Real Life Case Study)”

  1. Seems pretty cool… but seriously how many Mazda Dealers would there be in Hornsby? Would be pretty easy to dominate that term for that particular business.

    I just searched for Mazda and my local suburb and it seems my local dealer is dominating his 1st page of Google too.

    1. The point is that it IS easy 🙂

      Most of the local markets we work in are dead simple to rank in when compared to the typical markets you see “Internet Marketers” going into.

      And if you know a few tricks of the trade you can get multiple page one rankings for a local business and get paid handsomely for it.

      When you go to the bank to deposit your check they don’t ask how hard it was to earn 😉

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