How To Get 5 SEO Clients Your First Month As An Offline Business Consultant

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Suraj Sodha

If you want to know how to sign up 5 SEO clients your first month -- and have many more lining up to give you money -- then this interview with Suraj Sodha is a must see.

Suraj is another young success story (and a really interesting guy) from the U.K.

He's an Internet marketing consultant, affiliate marketer and traffic generation specialist who started his first "real" business in 2008 (aged 22).

On the call you'll hear how he got started in affiliate marketing (and still gets paid for things he promoted 2 years ago)...

... how he signed up 5 SEO clients his first month in consulting...

... and his "Youtube Penetration" strategy that generated 7000 views in a week, built a list of 210 people, and created yet another income stream that runs on autopilot.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Resources mentioned on the call:

25 thoughts on “How To Get 5 SEO Clients Your First Month As An Offline Business Consultant”

  1. Thanks Kyle.

    You’re a good interviewer with timely and very interesting guests. Thanks for bringing these interviews to us.


  2. Hi Kyle and Suraj

    A great interview and inspiring. I have found it useful particularly the way suraj is up front on his website about services and affliate markeing all into one. It is also good to hear that it is not just me that has many different income streams, including affliate marketing,ebay, and seo consultancy.

    The UK is interesting when it comes to seo. Living in a rural area the local networking was interesting to say the least….with many people thinking that £50 a month was expensive for SEO??** Great to hear that you are selling from your website Suraj as well.

    Thanks for the insights as always Kyle

    Best Wishes


    1. Hi Denise,

      You simply buy the service yourself and re-sell it on to your client at a profit.

      You make money as the middle man providing your expertise and project management skills.


      p.s. They are not my services but one of my friends (also a member of our Consulting Tycoon program) and I recommend them to my students.

  3. Thanks for all the comments here and messages you have all sent me on Twitter & Facebook.

    Thanks also to Kyle for setting up this interview.

    Denise I know exactly what you mean – the UK is a difficult market to sell SEO services because there is so much ‘fluff’ around and people are just overwhelmed & confused. We just need to keep educating business owners about the benefits and what they need to do.

  4. Thanks guys, great info.

    Also just want to thank both of you for the work you do in the forums, helping people with their internet marketing problems.

    thanks for the advice

  5. Hi Suraj

    The education continues with UK business owners! I have learnt so much about seo through James and others in the last few years. Sometimes I could cry when I see the state of some peoples seo on and off their site, and how they have been mis -informed.

    Our decision now is to focus on the higher paying client as they see the value we bring.

    Denise I also resell services, like Suraj I realised it was not cost effective for me to do. The additional fee I charge is my project managemet skills. I also often throw in an hour or twos free coaching credit ( the cost is listed on our site so they can see the value) they can take this in anyway. Our background is sales and marketing at a pretty high level so they can tap into this.
    Strange though it may seem less than 10% of people take this up yet the perceived value for them is huge.

    In addition to the project management I also do their keyword research for them, using Market Samuri, Google insights, the Google keyword tool. I have a template for this and explain all about themes, how they could create content etc ( I am an article writer as well so it can result in an upsell for us )

    The report looks impressive, yet just takes a couple of hours to pull all the data together. Being the bridge for clients fulfills a need for eveyone. Depending on the level of spend and if they decide to go for 3 months I often create a youtube channel and do a quick Animoto video ( really simple to do with their commercial; package )
    Again this takes no time at all. There reaction to it is usually one of being blown away!

    All of this takes very little time and make me stand out from the crowd.

    Thanks to Suraj having seen his site yesterday, I have decided to offer my services for seo on the actual site.

    So a big thank you to both Kyle and Suraj fot this

    Best Wishes


  6. Kyle,

    Great interview with Suraj. It is an amazing story. I am doing offline consutling too and it is very inspiring for me to know that this very young man has early success. He is mature beyond his years.

    I like the idea of making “small successes” at a time in order to build upon previous successes. To be a realist.

  7. Guys, seriously that was one of the best interviews ever that I’ve heard.
    Hats off to you Suraj and hats of to you Kyle for picking Suraj up on your ‘radar’! amazing content. cheers Barbs

  8. thanks Bruce & Barbara for your kind words 🙂

    really glad you enjoyed the interview, for me it’s all about sharing & inspiring so hopefully I did that over the hour or so that this interview lasted.

  9. Hello Kyle, I am confused! Where is the source to watch the interview?
    I checked out the 3 links and found James Schramcko’s video in one of the link.

    Can you provide the direct link source to watch how Suraj signed up 5 SEO clients and your interview with him?

  10. Ah! I just found the audio mp3 link! And its above the first line say beneath the Title of this post not the very first line of the post 😉

    Anyways, let me check it out and write back again 😉

  11. I feel very happy when I find an established person speaking on the quality which I believe in. And I find the same here with Suraj speaking about the passion/love towards the work and its results!

    Also I think I am very fortunate to listen to this interview because as an SEO provider I always look forward to do business with someone who want to outsource SEO.

    If you wish I will provide you the all details like how we work, benchmarks etc.. of our work.


  12. Thanks Kyle, first time listener on your blog. Found you via a tweet from JamesS. Got you in my feed reader now and will go back through your posts / interviews.

    Suraj thank you for explaining your computer game story and the need for offline networking and the need to keep things simple.

    I need to do more offline networking that’s for sure. It’s to easy to get stuck not seeing anyone in this industry.


    1. Hey Aaron, welcome and thanks for commenting. The interviews I’ve done are definitely the best place to start, plenty of meaty stuff in there. You might also be interested in the Fast Start Kit as it teaches my overall strategy and methodology.

  13. How much would you charge per month for a keyword like plumber in manchester…let’s say it gets 800-1000 searches per month.


    1. Charge to do what? For who? In what time frame?

      We don’t base our fees on the keyword or number of searches — it’s either a flat rate for a particular level of service, or a value-based model.

  14. This is a great site for learning about the best techniques to do SEO. The experiences of you guys as veteran in this business is an eye opener to many newbies in the industry. Its always beneficial to network with like minded people. The advise on networking more offline is great since our clients are mostly offline businesses. It can be addictive to glue to the computer system chasing shadows while the real cash is offline.

    Thank you guys.

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