#7 How To Find Profitable Consulting Niches

The digital marketing consultant space is crowded with me-too competitors who look and sound alike. If you're the fifth SEO guy who has contacted Mr Generic Business Owner this week what are the chances he's going to be excited to talk to you? NONE.

This is why the riches are in the niches!

This episode we look at how to become a big fish in a small pond and leverage your unique strengths to build a profitable consulting business.

In this episode:

  • The industry trends that led me to proclaim: Specialise or Die!
  • The 3 ways to specialise and where I've seen the most success stories come from.
  • 6 of my personal market criteria for finding high value clients.
  • How to come up with hundreds of potential niches most consultants have never thought about. (Don't be the 10,000th guy trying to crack the dental market.)
  • How I use "market" and "offer" based approaches to developing niche packages that sell.
  • Three real life examples of how my coaching clients and workshop attendees have taken this advice and built mid six figure consulting businesses.

And much more!