#6 How To Charge Premium Consulting Prices Today

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This week on the Consulting Tycoon Podcast I'm talking about strategies to help you start charging premium prices starting today.

Your pricing can make or break your business and most people are coming in waaaaaay too low. Let's reset your pricing thermometer and learn how to set your fees based on the value you provide.

In this episode:

  • The most common pricing mistakes consultants make.
  • How your confidence impacts the fees people will pay you. (And a simple strategy that took me from shy introvert to powerful confidence in a few short weeks.)
  • The different aspects of value-based pricing and why you are worth much more than you might think!
  • Why the product/price link is the most dangerous idea in your head when it comes to charging higher fees.
  • The secret of ABS and why I believe this is the key difference between natural sales people and those who need coaching in this area.
  • 4 simple strategies to raise your prices today without risking your current business or clients.

And much more!