#4 Scaling Your Consulting Business To 60+ Clients

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Today I'm talking with Piyush Parikh, one of the early success stories from my first Consulting Tycoon program way back in 2008.

Since then Piyush has gone on to become a top Infusionsoft certified consultant. In fact, his company, Engineer Your Business, is currently ranked number 8 out of hundreds in the Infusionsoft Certified Consultant marketplace.

In this episode:

  • How he built a business that services over 60 clients
  • How he quickly started generating leads and where the bulk of his clients come from
  • How a simple change in how his services are sold led to a 4x increase in price
  • How he trained his team of 9 using the "wife test" to remove himself from service delivery
  • And how you can shortcut years of trial and error and immediately start working with the top people in your marketplace