#3. Procrastination, Productivity, Effectiveness, and Evernote with Omar Khafagy

Today I’m talking with my buddy Omar Khafagy about Procrastination, productivity and effectiveness, how to avoid productivity porn, and his unique take on using Evernote to be more effective in your day to day life.

In this episode:

  • 0:35 - How to use Facebook and Twitter to hack yourself.
  • 3:30 - Change your environment to change your results.
  • 7:30 - How to approach your productivity challenges.
  • 12:00 - Optimising your brain one process at a time.
  • 17:20 - Taking a long term view for faster results.
  • 22:11 - Time traveling 6 months forward Vs 6 months back.
  • 26:30 - Hearing the struggle.
  • 30:40 - What mentors are really for.
  • 34:00 - How you can be severely flawed and still wildly successful.
  • 36:35 - Moving the goal posts and learning to be happy in the process.
  • 40:10 - Evernote strategies for productivity and effectiveness.
  • 46:50 - The first mistake people make with Evernote.
  • 52:55 - Should you even use Evernote?
  • 55:50 - Journalling feedback loops.
  • 1:03:16 - The martial arts mindset for success.


5 thoughts on “#3. Procrastination, Productivity, Effectiveness, and Evernote with Omar Khafagy”

  1. Thanks, guys, for the great podcast. I especially enjoyed the bit about mentors, and why the value in having a mentor isn’t so that he’ll tell you exactly what to do. The value is that he can give you perspective, reframing and recalibrating your expectations based on having already travelled the same road.

  2. Great podcast, but Kyle PLEASE stop making every other comment into a plug (subtle or not) for your coaching service.

    1. Thanks Jay, glad you enjoyed it. Been a few weeks since we recorded but I only remember mentioning my coaching once or twice as an aside or story that related to something else we were talking about.

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