#2. 7 Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Consulting Business

Last week I got the following email from a Daily Secrets subscriber:

"Hey Kyle, I'm just about to launch my new consulting business and wanted to ask what are the most common mistakes people make so that I can try to avoid them. I have some good ideas from reading your daily emails but want to make sure I'm not missing anything."

I thought this would make a great podcast episode so I went through my notes from the hundreds of consultations I've done over the past few years and pulled out the most common costly mistakes I see people making.

In this episode:

  • How to take advantage of the current trend in how clients work with agencies.
  • Why you probably shouldn't sell websites.
  • Passion Vs Profits: where the real money is.
  • How to suck at content marketing.
  • The ideal number of businesses to launch.
  • One thing (I bet you're doing) that leads to perfectionism, overwhelm, and procrastination.
  • The dream killer -- the single biggest mistake you're making that is holding you back from getting everything you want out of life.

5 thoughts on “#2. 7 Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Consulting Business”

  1. Great advice as usual Kyle, I have, am, continue to be guilty of many of these mistakes, especially of course over planning and dreaming. Breaking the cycle is the key and maybe an ice bucket every day would be the answer! Only yesterday I too dug out a huge pile of old notebooks – they were cute to look at and read but when I saw the dates on some of them it was scary. Just admitting some of these bad habits is the key to moving forward – and I’m the only one who can fix that. Thanks – grt to see your podcast direction, look forward to the next one.

  2. Very good content thanks Kyle! Me too, like Paul, I’m guilty of most of these! But these days I’m pretty conscious of ‘who my target’ is with all the copy and content I create. Like the last ‘dreaming is the dream killer’ part too. I totally agree that you’ve got to take action asap and adjust your path later. Looking forward to more episodes mate! Stu

  3. I just found this podcast yesterday. Listened to this episode… and the last several months of business frustration (especially the last couple weeks) were all summed up in here. #7 felt like you were reading my mind.

    The focus and taking the next step (rather than doing tons of planning) are really key for me. I’m really good at making grand plans… whether it’s for myself or consulting telling a prospect what actions they should do for business. But when it comes to implementing my own, I’ve let myself get stuck.

    I probably need to listen to this one again. Thanks for the great info!

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