#13 The Consultants Curse

If you feel like you're ready for a breakthrough in your business... but... just can't seem to put the final pieces in place, then you might be jinxed by The Consultants Curse.

This is a challenge I've personally suffered from. It slows your growth. Puts you in a bad light with potential clients. And can cost you years in wasted opportunity if you don't identify and overcome it.

This episode we're going deep into what exactly The Consultants Curse is, and how you can not only avoid it's grasp, but profit from it.

In this episode:

  • The Consultants Curse explained.
  • My story of how I recently fell victim to this profit-killing plague.
  • What a Russian piano teacher taught me about how to avoid the curse.
  • How to take advantage of The Consultants Curse to bring huge windfalls for your clients.
  • A simple 4-step process to shake off this jinx and create a breakthrough in your business.