#1 How To Get $30k Consulting Clients

Kyle interviews Tycoon Inner Circle member Patrick Kenney about how he took his web design business that was making him miserable and turned it into a specialist marketing agency that he loves.

He went from charging by the hour to value-based pricing and now charges $30,000 - $50,000 per client, is getting rave reviews and doubling his clients businesses, all while working half the hours he used to.

In this episode:

  • Why Patrick was miserable despite doing well financially.
  • How people get stuck in their ways and resist the changes that could generate the breakthrough they're looking for.
  • When the switch came and how a simple goal of "to love my day" changed everything.
  • The false sense of security you get with non-ideal clients.
  • Why setting big goals can backfire and what Patrick does instead.
  • The story of why he refunded one of my products and the crazy thing I did that made him join my coaching program.
  • How to leverage a tiny prospect list of 62 people into a six figure income.
  • How to get 85% open rates on your emails.
  • The exact marketing strategies he is using with a monthly budget of just $250.


25 thoughts on “#1 How To Get $30k Consulting Clients”

  1. Kyle glad you’re doing these again. Keep ’em coming. Maybe part 2 with Patrick. This podcast generated lots of unanswered questions that I don’t even know where to begin. Look forward to the next one.

      1. Just listened to it a second time. And I have to say, he shared some stuff like habits that most people probably wouldn’t admit so that takes courage and humility.

        You said begin with the first question. But since I’ve got a bunch, I’ve decided to trim down the number of questions to these seven. I don’t expect answers for all or any of them but if you have him on again those might be good questions to ask.


        1. What was his business like BEFORE TIC and what’s it like NOW? – ie What does he literally do on a daily basis now? compared to before tic.

        2. What services does his 30k and 50k/year package consist of? And he that an annual contract or just a monthly stay as long as you want kind of thing?

        3. For that price point, does he guarantee an ROI from his services/fees?

        4. What part of the service delivery is handled by external staff and what part does he do himself? And if by external staff, how many does he have?

        5. What things, beside enrolling for TIC, did he do or work on to get out of his own way and finally design the business he wants?

        6. Can you talk more about his daily goal of “Love my day” and how he builds on that.

        7. What kind of sales conversion funnel does he have that is allowing him to generate a couple clients everytime he spends $250 on advertising? (That’s a HUGE ROI.)

        I probably missed a few important ones but I think these will sprout into other ones. Cheers Kyle

          1. Question 2 – my package pricing is per annum and vary only on commitment. I’ll do a promo where I offer a free site design with one year contract of presence management. I have some that are month to month and some that are annually contracted.

            My service is designed in a way that makes it very unattractive to leave. My lead capture setup is centralized through a single corporate account which is lost if they leave. They take the leads of course, but lose out on that nice lead funnel feature. I can elaborate more on that if you want me to.

          2. What’s your lead capture set up with? Aweber. OAP?

            If you could elaborate more on that ie how if they leave they lose out on the lead funnel feature?

          3. Question 3 – I don’t guarantee a return when I’m not in control of the sale process. (The client may be terrible at converting leads). I do guarantee targeted traffic as part of their results. So far the client ROIs are HUGE anyway so it doesn’t matter.

          4. Question 4 – All “sausage” making is handled by external staff via playbook created and perfected through my own trial and error. I build the strategy for the client and execute playbooks through pre-vetted resources (this is where picking and sticking with a single market is big).

          5. Patrick Kenney

            I make strategy “sausage”. I make and execute the plan. I do jump in from time to time, but only to satiate the tech geek in me and keep things up to date. Also helps me vet staff, having the skill to perform all the tasks needed. Handing it off was the challenge.

            Took me the better part of a year to get truly comfortable with that.

          6. I bet it felt awesome when you finally felt comfortable handing it off.

            Handing it off isn’t a challenge for me… I think I’m naturally lazy. I try and do the least possible. My wife tells me so. I tell her I want to hire someone to do the dishes, the laundry, clean the house, and hire someone who’s thinks like me, but actually enjoys the execution of ideas. I don’t enjoy even logging into my own website to do any tweaking.

            What do you enjoy most about your business, Patrick?

          7. Question 5 – TIC and Ultimate Edge…all you need really. Some good books to add, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Driven by Robert Herjavec, How to Win at the Sport of Business by Mark Cuba, the 80/20 Way by Richard Koch and Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman.

            Meditation is key. I do it almost daily in the morning as a part of my workout.

            Healthy habits fuel a success driven mind. — me 😀

          8. Healthy habits DOES fuel a success driven mind – agreed. I’m a exercising junkie, and love Tony Robbin’s stuff.

          9. Question 6 – Love your day. It’s easy really, don’t over think stuff. Think forward a single day at a time.

            Funny to reference this quote, but my boys love Kung Fu Panda and there’s a line where the Master says. “You are too worried with what was and what will be. The past is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift….that is why it’s called the present.”

            Design your perfect day in your head. Then take a single step towards that perfect day with the attitude and goal of loving what comes of this day.

            Be thankful for all things…even pain in the ass bosses and clients. They influence your life in one way or another. Be thankful for the role everything plays in shaping you.

            It will change you, I guarantee it.

          10. That’s a great quote. My daughter’s watches shows like the Bubble Guppies, and Hello KaiLan – looks like your boys are quite a bit older.

            You mentioned you’re an engineer by trade – I’m not but I’m naturally analytical. Very analytical. Have you done your Kolbe Index? or your Perry Marshall’s Marketing DNA test?

          11. Patrick Kenney

            It’s funny where inspiration can be found if we look for it.

            Haven’t taken those test, but I did do the Enneagram test. Scored as The Achiever. Cool test, check it out. I’ll be sure to checkout the DNA test.

            So here’s my advice to you analytical guy to analytical guy….get out of tactics. It took me so long to ascend to strategy from tactics and it is a much nicer world.

            A quote that helps me ascend more to strategy from tactics was this: “The people with the ideas employee the people with skills.”

            I had to force myself to stop absorbing and start producing….even if it wasn’t perfect. Game changer.

            Hope that helps and inspires you.

          12. Funny, I just wrote to Kyle in the TIC application that I’ve been consuming too much, and not enough production.

            My problem is finding the right people with the skills to do the things I don’t want/like/suck at doing.

            I find an ingrained habit is hard to change when one’s not conscious of the habit.

            Something I just started is I’ve been personally scheduling every hour of my work day in my calendar with tasks for the day – combined with your “think forward a single day at a time” – and it’s been a real help in how productive I am.

          13. Question 7 – I have a conversation funnel. I invite prospects to connect on the phone or email directly.

            I use very targeted remarketing campaigns with a very dialed in referral program which all started with kicking ass for my first client. Do that and they want to be the hero that referred a rockstar to their peers.

            Being more specific.

            1. Do your research and build great copy (use Kyle’s Persuasive Writing course…it’s baller).
            2. Put that great copy into smart Adwords campaigns and drive traffic to a super targeted sales page (again, Kyle’s course).
            3. Add the FB retargeting pixel to your page.
            4. Add the Twitter retargeting pixel to your page.
            5. Great great ads in FB and Twitter and link them to your target audience.
            6. Follow up religiously.

            That’s a brief funnel break down. Again, if you pick a market and stick with it….ads are cheap.

            My target audience is about 20,000 businesses in the US. My CPM is super low when I dial in to such a low number. I can afford to pay $3 and $4 per click and still get amazing return. 80 clicks gets me at least 3 consults and I can usually close 1 in 3 based on the presale of the copy work done ahead of time.

            Does that help?

          14. I’m surprised there’s no one else is joining in on the conversation – I guess no one else has a question except me.

            Thanks for taking the time to reply, Patrick.

            So let’s make sure I get this right…

            From what you’re saying, you get your consults by driving traffic using FB, Twitter and Google retargeting code that brings existing visitors back to a landing page.

            As well, you buy keywords in Google to drive that traffic to…

            A sales page which makes a direct offer to speak with you directly via phone or email (ie the Consult)

            Out of 3 people that takes you up on the consult, 1 becomes a client.

            Are you just letting the 2/3 go?

          15. Patrick Kenney

            In most cases, yes. I have a very specific target in mind. I may speak with a single partner at a larger practice who he himself is sold but must convince his partners. That’s a much longer close and not in my ideal client targeting.

            In other cases, they may be in a contract with a terrible provider and not able to switch right away.

            I’m sure over time my close rate will increase, but at the annum rate I’m ecstatic to close 33%.

            Hope that helps!

            If you are stuck with where to start, pick one thing and go with it. FB, Adwords, whatever. Pick one and perfect it before moving to another traffic source.

            However, I cannot stress enough how important mindset is. Kyle talks about it a LOT. He is wise to.

          16. About your Ideal Client targeting, besides the surface criteria (such as revenue size, advertising/marketing or not, high value clients, want better results) what behavioural characteristics and beliefs have you found that ideal clients have, that when you sense it, you say “yup, that’s the one”?

  2. Awesome podcast Kyle and Pat. Props to Pat for taking the time out to answer Chung’s great questions

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