3 Keys to Persuasion

In the 4th century the Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote what is still considered the most important single work on persuasion ever written... Rhetoric. Virtually everything that has been written on persuasion since then builds on the foundation laid out here. As a copywriter I remember laying in bed past 3am devouring everything he had to …

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George Bush up 9%

United States. Year 2000. George W. Bush goes head to head with Al Gore. It's the race for the presidency -- arguably the most high profile job in the world -- and it will be one of the narrowest wins in history. While the end result is marred in controversy it's the data that came …

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Use Your Noodle to Win More Boodle

"Use Your Noodle to Win More Boodle"... This book went on to become the greatest self-help book of all time. It sold over a million copies during the great depression. Made it's author a millionaire, back when a million dollars was a lot of money.

Workout Vs. Training?

14 years ago I was in Kitchener, Ontario for the Global InLine Hockey Festival. I was representing Australia in the under 20 mens team. We were scheduled to play some of the best teams in the world from the USA, Canada, Argentena, New Zealand and more. It was my first international hockey tournament and I …

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Everything You Say Matters

167 copy critiques. That's how many crits I've done in the past few months for my coaching clients. Most people have a LONG way to go before their communication becomes powerfully persuasive... They make critical mistakes in how you structure what you say... accidentally use "kill" words and phrases that prevent you getting clients... unknowingly …

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A smack over the head from my wife!

Got a personal email from one of our Breakthrough Consulting Bootcamp members yesterday that I'm sure many of you can relate to. Nothing more confronting than your wife in tears. I'm sharing it here with permission...

How to get clients with email

On yesterday's Email Marketing Strategies webinar I taught a number of ways to get clients with email. We looked at things like how to build a list, how often you should mail your prospects, when to start selling, what you should offer, easy ways to provide value, and how to get your emails read and …

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30-second pitch for non-networkers

Had an interesting question come in after my last email: "I don't do networking or see prospects in person so how does having an elevator pitch help me?" Actually there are a bunch of reasons.

Your 30-Second Pitch

Imagine this scenario for a moment... You're at an event and across the room you spot Bob. Bob is one of your ideal clients. He's in your niche. He spends a lot of money on marketing. His company did $2.5 million last year and is looking for fast growth. He's surrounded by people who all …

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9,700.00 in two weeks from a 4 year old campaign

Sometimes we all need a reminder to keep things simple... Four years ago I put together a simple lead generation report and autoresponder series for our Consulting Tycoon members. The report is 11 pages. 2615 words. There are 9 emails in the series. Average 355 words each. It's a very simple marketing system.

What’s stopping you?

At our recent Breakthrough Consulting Bootcamp we did a powerful exercise designed to help you break through personal blockages. I asked everyone a simple question: What's stopping you? Seriously -- what's stopping you from reaching your goals? I see a lot of people who have all the information they need to be living the life …

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Are you on track? (Part 3 of 3)

This morning I held a webinar for our CT members. It was a follow up to the bootcamp event and I shared a number of my key takeaways from the weekend. Today I want to let you in on my 3rd BIG note:

Do this every day (Part 2 of 3)

Last time we spoke I was telling you about some of the takeaways from our Breakthrough Consulting Bootcamp. John Logar's idea of "make every day a pay day" really struck a chord with a lot of people. Today I want to share with you another piece of advice from John... and... the simple practical things …

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