The Mexican Fisherman

An American investment banker was taking a much-needed vacation in a small coastal Mexican village when a small boat with just one fisherman docked. The boat had several large, fresh fish in it. The investment banker was impressed by the quality of the fish and asked the Mexican how long it took to catch them. …

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Success in a new niche

This week one of my Tycoon Inner Circle clients landed his first account in a new niche and wrote this in the members forum: "I have landed a ____________ as a client and it is someone who received my direct mail sequence, spoke to me on the phone for quite a while when I called …

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Project fee + Target-based performance incentives

Yesterday we were talking about getting paid on performance... And I told you how "project fee + target-based performance incentives" is one my favourite ways of structuring these deals. Today I want to share why this arrangement works so well and why clients go crazy for it. First let's clarify exactly what we mean:

Getting paid on performance

Lately I've had a few conversations with coaching students about how to add performance-based deals into their service mix. The type of deals where you get a percentage of the profits your work brings in. There are a bunch of ways you can do these types of deals. But some are better than others. Today …

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Is this a bad idea?! (Q&A)

Got a fantastic question from Sam yesterday. It covers a few issues and thought processes really slow you down. I've seen a LOT of people with these types of mindset issues so listen up. Sam writes:

Targeting Larger Clients (Q&A)

All week I'm answering subscriber questions about consulting. What's the most challenging question you need an answer to? Just hit reply and ask. Casey asks: "I'd like to learn more about selling "email marketing" to bigger businesses. Currently I run a white label service setting up email systems, landing pages, writing sales funnels etc but …

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Help Converting Leads (Q&A)

Got a question from Matt: "I'm having some trouble converting leads. I send a heap of free information to the client by email hoping to get some kind of response. 80% of the site, my email doesn't get a response. 20% of the time, the client is interested, but after quoting $1000 per month for …

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Consulting Q&A

First email I've written for in 2015. Took some time at the start of the year to launch a new business and focus on helping my inner circle clients. It's amazing how much progress you can make in six weeks of solid focus. And crazy how fast the year is passing by. Anyway, now …

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Now Is The Time

Hank writes: "Damn you nail it again. It's like you are always writing what I am thinking. I mastermind and we keep talking about how, now is the time. Especially if you went through any of the past down turns in the economy. Now is the time to get on the train. Put your head …

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No Tomorrow

Earlier this week I was watching "The Miracle on Hudson River", a documentary about US Airways Flight 1549 that hit a flock of geese and made an emergency landing in the Hudson River. Can you believe it's been 5 years already? Feels like yesterday.

Why More Info Hurts Results

Busy day with inner circle calls and coaching sessions yesterday. Managed to get a 21km mountain bike ride in between calls which was awesome. Headed through the national park and down to the ocean. I find my afternoons are always more productive when I get some exercise earlier in the day.

Monday Q&A

Lots of questions coming in lately so time to answer a few...

Workaholic Dweeb

7:52am Sunday morning here in Nelson Bay as I sit writing to you. We've got a big group of friends staying the weekend for my birthday celebrations. The house is just stirring now. Me? I've been up for two hours writing copy for my supplement business. Some would say I'm a workaholic dweeb.

Living The Dream

Yesterday one of my inner circle clients posted this photo of the view from his hotel in Thailand during our weekly coaching session:  "This is what I always use to dream about... traveling to different countries and working from my laptop."

Buying Vs Selling

How'd you pull up after the Black Friday / Cyber Monday madness? No matter where in the world you are it's hard to avoid the craziness... Even though we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia, we love a good bandwagon so many of our stores have been running big sales. And we go almost as …

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The Energy of Action

Recently in the TIC forum one of my students noticed something strange. Taking action in one area of her business starting producing results in others. Here's what she wrote: