Why consulting rules

Yesterday we were talking about the dark side of consulting. Today I want to talk about why, despite some of the negatives, I still believe consulting is the best business model for most people to start with... and the perfect cash-flow machine you can bolt on to almost any other business.

Why consulting sucks

Got an email over the weekend asking why I sell coaching and do ecommerce instead of just getting $100k+ clients like some of my students have done. (He was specifically referring to James Jackson who I helped go from making $1700 per month to landing two contracts worth $750,000. I think it was James Schramko's …

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Lots of great feedback on my last email. This response touched on something I want to talk about: "Fantastic email. I relate really strongly to this. I struggle to do more than 5 hours of work in a day and I've felt guilty in the past about not grinding as much as I should. Instead …

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Lifestyle Design vs 10x Hustling

Chatting with one of my Adwords clients on Wednesday and he asked me what I think about the whole "lifestyle design" vs "10x hustling" type of mindset. No doubt there's gurus preaching one way or the other. Lifestyle guys who only ever seem to work an hour a day from exotic beachside locations around the …

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The “yes” trap

One of my favourite books over the past year or so is Essentialism by Greg McKeown. Have you read it yet? Highly recommended. Anyway, this morning I ran a training on essentialism for my inner circle clients. The idea behind it is pretty simple:

You only need one

Below is an email (slightly edited) I got from one of my High Value Client Express members. I wanted to share this with you because it shows two important things: 1. If you put the work in you WILL get results. 2. You only need ONE good case study to start building momentum. How powerful …

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Short Game Vs Long Game

1. Short gamers focus on a sale today. Long gamers focus on sales for a lifetime. 2. Short gamers obsess about hustling. Long gamers build systems so they don't have to hustle. 3. Short gamers always go for the low hanging fruit. Long gamers reach for the biggest, juiciest fruit high up on the tree.

Gary Halbert’s #1 Secret

Gary Halbert is the guy who got me started in copywriting. He's also well-regarded as one of the greatest copywriters who ever lived. (His "coat of arms" promotion pulled in 7.3 million orders and required 40 full-time staff just to bank the 20,000 checks that came in each day. Makes today's product launches look like …

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Is local business consulting saturated?

A question came in about how I see the future for local business consultants. Jen asks: "I notice you've retired all your courses and now you are only doing lead gen? Do you think local consulting is getting saturated? What is your prediction for local business consultants?"

Differentiate or die

I recently recorded a video critique for a client I think you'll get value from. I can't share the actual video for privacy reasons, but the lesson is easy to explain. And it ties in perfectly with my last email about why lead generation fails. The critique was for a Facebook ad funnel:

Why lead generation fails

Been helping clients with lead generation lately and noticed a trend. The people who struggle to generate quality leads are making one or more of these four common mistakes:

#1 sign you’re not ready to grow

Making 50k as a consultant is pretty easy. You hustle, go to a few networking meetings, work your contacts, get known as "the guy who knows about this internet stuff", and a rag tag bunch of projects land in your lap. Getting to 100k is a little tougher.

How proposals kill sales

On one of Tuesday's inner circle calls a client asked about proposals: "Proposals are taking up a lot of my time, is there anything I can do to speed up the process?" My advice was simple. Stop doing proposals! Here are 7 reasons why:

Success Is Mostly Luck

You know what really used to grind my gears? When people saw my success and said, "man, you're so lucky!". At first I would kinda smile, shuffle my sheet, and awkwardly nod in agreement. But inside I was fuming...

The Daily Discipline

What does discipline mean to you? Many people think first of punishment, rules, restraint... control and lack of freedom. Transported instantly back to school where discipline meant a rap on the knuckles or endless lines on the chalkboard. But I prefer this definition, "training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character".

Goals Vs Systems

Been a little quite on the "daily" emails lately because I'm focusing on growing my Adwords agency and ecom business... plus the surf has been pumping. Ever notice how many people set the same goals year after year but never quite hit them? While others seem to achieve their goals as easy as completing a …

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The Vacations Lie

Popular culture tells us to work 50 weeks a year saving for a two week escape. We call it a vacation. A chance to get away from the hum drum of daily life. Your reward for playing by the rules and doing your job. A lie sold to us by those who exploit our most …

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