Haters Gonna Hate

Recently I was speaking with one of our Consulting Tycoon students about marketing campaigns for her business. She brought up the topic of Dan Kennedy and said she was appalled at how aggressive and abrasive he can be, in particular his idea that goes something like this: "If you haven’t offended anyone by noon, you …

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How James Reynolds Scaled His $100k SEO Business Over The Last 18 Months [Interview]

I first interviewed James Reynolds back in December 2010. He was 6 months into his business at the time and had just broken the $100,000 barrier. Over 1,100 people have downloaded that original interview and it inspired many to kick-start their own offline business. So, 18 months later where is he at now? We jumped …

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What was Edison’s mistake?

You've no doubt heard Thomas Edison's famous quote: "If I find 10,000 ways something won't work, I haven't failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward." Every shelf-help guru and his brother have used this as a way to motivate and encourage those who continue to fail. If you …

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The Quitting Conversation

Quitting rarely happens like in the movies. The big dramatic build up... ... frustration turning to anger, morphing into outrage, leading to despair... ... then the emotional and inevitable "I quit" finale. Doesn't happen like that in real life. It's subtle.

Why Men Fail

Last week I wrote a bunch of emails designed to motivate: The Perfection of Imperfect Ideas. Rapid Implementation (The First Lesson) Slaying the Dragon Fire in the Belly That little series hit home with many of you.


Over the weekend I received the following private message from a man with an incredible story. Read what he had to say: "Hi Kyle, I just wanted to say thank you. I have been watching all the FWF 1, 2, and 3 on offline local consulting. At the beginning of May I set a goal …

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Fire in the Belly

I was shocked at how much was going on. 2 new websites. 2 information products. 1 high level coaching program. 3 copywriting projects. 2 client proposals. 5 mentoring students. This is what I saw when I got a sneak peak behind the scenes in one of my early mentor's consulting business.

Slaying the Dragon

How did you go with yesterday's task? If you did something to grow your business -- finished and shipped it -- then congratulations. You slayed the dragon. But guess what? The dragon lives to fight another day. And he'll be back with vengeance.

How I got my SECOND Client

This one is interesting. I used a strategy not 1 in 100 Internet marketers use. In fact I have barely heard it mentioned in the last 5 years. It's oldskool. Costs money. Takes a little time. But it works. And it has been the seed of more fortunes than I can name.

How I Got My FIRST Client

No sexy idea today. Nothing that's gonna blow your socks off. Nothing new. Nothing special. Nothing you haven't heard. But as always there's a powerful lesson when you pay attention. It's the story of how I got my first client.

What can you do for me?

Great question popped up after yesterday's email: "I understand the difference between features, advantages, and benefits but I'm really struggling with what to say when someone asks 'so what can you do for me?'. It doesn't matter what I say or how I position the benefits I can't seem to get them interested." Now, I've …

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Stoopid prospect questions

Today I wanna chat about the stoopid questions your prospects ask. And why YOU answering them is costing you MUCHO moolah. Ever got a phone call or email from a prospective client and one of the first questions they ask is something like: "How much do you charge for a website?" "Can you give me …

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The Curse of Intelligence

It's 11:31pm here in Sydney as I sit down to write to you today. Just got back from ice hockey training -- Legs burning. Lungs on fire. A weird pain in my back that I'm sure will plague me later in life. Man it feels good to be alive! Anyway, it's a 25 minute drive …

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The Opportunity Roundabout

Today I want to talk about what I call The Opportunity Roundabout... When I was a young kid I played a lot of sport. Tennis, cricket, soccer, swimming, football, BMX, inline skating, Taekwondo... You name it I probably played it. At least for one season. See, like a lot of entrepreneurially-minded people, I get excited …

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Why Benefits Are Killing Your Sales

Chatting with one of my Inner Circle members yesterday. She asked a simple question: "Kyle, what are the top three benefits to use when selling SEO to local business owners?" And it sent me off on a bit of a rant. Let me explain:

Local Or Foreign Clients?

Last night we ran our regular monthly Q & A session for Consulting Tycoon members. I spent just over an hour answering questions such as: How to niche your business for maximum impact... How (and when) to follow up with prospects... What's working now to generate leads and get clients... ... Plus heaps more. One …

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First Win Of The Season

Got a great business building lesson for you today. After a 5-year hiatus to focus on building my business I recently started playing ice hockey again. (Yes, we have ice in Australia. Yes, we play ice hockey.Though frankly even most Aussies are surprised at this!) Anyway, last night on our road trip to Newcastle -- …

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