Why Men Fail

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Last week I wrote a bunch of emails designed to motivate:

The Perfection of Imperfect Ideas.

Rapid Implementation (The First Lesson)

Slaying the Dragon

Fire in the Belly

That little series hit home with many of you.

And it generated a lot of heart felt replies.

One lady told me "You've just hit me hard in the gut, I feel sick but in a good way :)".

Another guy said it made him pissed off and frustrated enough with his progress to finally say "enough is enough" and get serious about making his dreams a reality.

And while I'm glad these emails are making an impact, the ugly truth is this:

Motivation like this rarely lasts.

Not unless you create a daily routine that supports you.

Most people who read those emails and got fired up have already slipped back to their old unproductive ways.

They're on the forums again.

Checking email constantly.

Chasing shiny objects.

Buying stuff that promises instant riches when you know deep down the path to success requires hard work and dedication.

But why?

If you know what you should be doing why don't you do it?

Because habits are a powerful thing.

And in the face of a negative habit (one you've been perfecting for so long) a little bit of motivation doesn't stand a chance.

Reminds me of that Simpsons episode where Rainier Wolfcastle -- tied up and facing a tsunami of green acid hurtling towards him -- puts on a pair of safety goggles. Then as the wall of acid engulfs him and carries him away, he screams, genuinely surprised... "My eyes! The goggles do nothing!"

See, you need to create a daily routine that make it easier to do the right things than to slack off.

Gotta work on creating positive habits that will help grow your business and bring you closer to your goals.

These safety goggles come in handy, but they'll only help if you're not tied up and standing in the path of the acid.

Talk soon

P.S. I suppose I should plug Consulting Tycoon while I'm here. Many people tell me the fast start consulting session you get with your membership is the most important 20 minutes of your career. Just sayin'.