How I Got My FIRST Client

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No sexy idea today.

Nothing that's gonna blow your socks off.

Nothing new. Nothing special. Nothing you haven't heard.

But as always there's a powerful lesson when you pay attention.

It's the story of how I got my first client.

"It was a referral".

The end.

What, you were expecting more? Sheesh I gotta do all the work around here. OK here goes:

"I put up my shingle, told everyone I knew what I was doing, who I was looking for, then a client landed in my lap."

Seriously that's all there is to it.

Put up your shingle -- figure out what you've got to offer the market and how you're going to present it.

Tell everyone you know what you're doing -- Not what you are. Not what you call yourself. What you DO.

Tell them who you're looking for -- Prospects are everywhere and come from the darnedest places. Don't underestimate the power of your six degrees. But you've got to make it easy for them.

Do it right and a client will land in your lap too.

Now go do it.

Talk soon

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