The Vacations Lie

Popular culture tells us to work 50 weeks a year saving for a two week escape.

We call it a vacation.

A chance to get away from the hum drum of daily life.

Your reward for playing by the rules and doing your job.

A lie sold to us by those who exploit our most precious asset -- our time.

What's worse is almost half of us don't take all our vacation time because we feel pressure from above and fear work piling up and falling behind. So you end up working harder and harder for an illusion of time off.

And it only get worse the higher up you get and more responsibilities you have.

The average person spends more time planning vacations than they do their career.

That math never made sense to me. What if you put as much effort into planning your life as you did for an overseas trip? Life isn't about a once-a-year vacation but the 351 days in between.

Imagine creating a life you don't need a vacation from...

Where in the world would you live?

Who would you surround yourself with?

What would you be, do, and have?

Vesna and I asked ourselves these questions and over the course of a few months looked at dozens of options. A secluded beach in Thailand. The bustling streets of New York City. A secret hideaway in the south of France. London as a base for further travel. Each had their pros and cons but none really "felt" right... nice places to visit but not where we wanted to live.

In the end this is where we chose to build our life:


2.5 hours north of Sydney but a million miles from anywhere.

We often have an entire beach to ourselves during the week when everyone else is working.

Most people who come here visit for a week and then go back to reality... planning next years holiday. Many come every year but when you ask why they don't move here they stare at you blankly like their brain is rebooting. The programming of popular culture is strong.

One of my favourite things about consulting is it lets you be location independent. It gives you options. Freedom. All you need is a laptop, wifi, and coffee and you're in business.

What life do you want to create?

This is YOUR life.

You only get one shot.

Make it count.

Talk soon,

Kyle Tully