The 2016 Consulting Niche Cheat Sheet

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Four and a half years ago I released "The 57 Players" report.

It revealed the top 57 markets my clients and I have had the most success selling consulting services to.

It also contained my 7 key criteria for identifying high-value clients.

That report has been downloaded thousands of times, helped hundreds of consultants enter into niche markets successfully, and been swiped by more marketers than I can count.

Over the years some of the markets in the original 57 Players report have become less responsive. New niches have emerged. Services that didn't even exist 4 years ago are now in high demand. And I've further refined my ideal high-value client criteria.

I've compiled all the new data into a report called "The 2016 Consulting Niche Cheatsheet" which you can get here:

[thrive_2step id='2968']ConsultingNicheCheatSheet[/thrive_2step]

Click the image above to request a copy.

In this brand new report you'll find 36 hot consulting markets, 17 services clients are begging for, and the 8 criteria I look for to find high-value clients.