How To Double Your Offline Business Consulting Profits in 3 Months or Less

Once your business is up and running one question you should always have in mind is, “How can I maximize what I’ve already got going?”.

It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of looking for the next “best” thing… the newest hot opportunity… without ever seeing the full potential of our existing assets.

Here’s a couple of really quick ways you can dramatically increase your offline business consulting profits in the next 3 months by leveraging the assets you already have.

First let’s get some basics out of the way…

There are only 3 ways to grow a business:

  1. Increase new customers.
  2. Increase profit per sale.
  3. Increase buying frequency.

Everything you do to grow a business falls under one of those categories.

Most people focus on how to get more new customers — in fact it’s the #1 question I get — but that’s the most expensive and time consuming way to grow.

It’s MUCH quicker, cheaper and easier to increase profit and increase buying frequency.

So how do you do that in your consulting business?

Actually it’s really easy…

1. Raise your prices.

Almost every new consultant I’ve talked to has seriously undervalued what they bring to the table. Even people who have been at this for 5+ years are often charging less than half what they should.

If you’re in the ballpark of “$500 for a website and $50 a month for SEO”, try multiplying your fee by 10 on the next job and see what happens.

If you’re at “$5000 + $1000” multiply that by 10 for your next job. You might just get it.

If you’re already getting projects for $20,000+ then add a performance-based fee on top. 5 – 25% is a good place to start, depending on the project.

“But my clients won’t pay that much”.

OK… 1) You don’t know that until you ask them. 2) Get better clients.

As long as you continue to demonstrate your value is much more than your fee, the sky is the limit on what you can charge.

2. Get offline projects.

Everyone is focused on online stuff — websites, autoresponders, SEO etc. That’s ok, it’s where your skills are, it’s “sexy”. I get it.

But think about this:

The upside potential for most of your clients online projects is in the low to mid 6-figures. Maybe less. So they’re willing to spend a certain amount to see those profits.

Whereas the upside potential for their offline projects — like fixing their direct mail, scripting their sales processes, putting headlines on their space ads, adding upsells & cross sells to their marketing systems… that can easily be in worth millions to them.

And they’re willing to spend a lot more to see those profits

The best part is the offline stuff is usually less work for you and has a better chance of success than online projects.

So when you get a website or autoresponder project ask questions, find out what else they need help with. You should always be looking for the next project and actively moving them towards it.

3. Do ONE thing at a time!

I made this mistake myself for years. You get a client, ask a bunch of questions, find out everything they need help with, then launch one big MEGA project where you fix it all.

Hey, it looks impressive to them and you can get big fees doing it this way.

But you’ll soon find this type of working arrangement leads to the dreaded “feast or famine” routine where you’re REALLY busy for 2 months then haven’t got a client in sight or the next 2.

Plus you bog yourself down in multiple “mini projects” and it can be difficult to execute them all to the best of your ability.

Instead what I find works best, is you ask all your questions like normal… but then propose just ONE project to fix their most pressing problem. Focus all your energy and resources on that project, get a quick win and a happy client, then move them on to the next project.

Doing it this way you can charge almost the same amount for one project that you used to charge for the entire bunch, you’ll do better work and because you’re not multi-tasking as much you’ll get it done quicker.

Plus clients like it better because they get a quick win and start seeing results faster.

Do these three things and you will double your business faster and easier than you thought possible.

6 thoughts on “How To Double Your Offline Business Consulting Profits in 3 Months or Less”

  1. nice tips mate,

    most people do undervalue themselves

    and as we know there is always more money on the table for problems that need to be solved.

  2. Kyle is right,

    I have not really thanked Kyle for $12k+ of business I have generated, mostly because I learned this “mindset” from him. Every time he tells me to do something, and I actually have the balls to do it, I make more money. In sport, when my coach tells me to do something, I do it.

    I found every time I increase my prices to a level i’ve never charged before. I get the job anyway. My success rate has actually been 4 out of 4 clients actually – 100% – $12,100 – I want more 🙂

    Benefits when you charge more (learned a lot of this from Kyle though)

    1. Your clients respect you more. It positions you better. I charged $100/h for the first time, for an initial consultation. You look like a professional, why not $120/h. My clients charge $160/h+, look at it this way, I look like i’m BAD at what I do charging $100/h 🙂 I don’t think my client would have flinched at $150/h, when I am talking to him about getting an extra 10 clients a month with him, worth on average $600/ea.

    My client is convinced I have an extensive marketing background (isn’t it partly because I charged for “talk time”). There are only so many working hours in a week, if you don’t respect your “working time” your clients won’t respect you either. As my client (a Psychologist) doesn’t chat to clients free either, neither does my other client (a Lawyer).

    2. Your clients have committed to working with you, because they have already invested financially, and they respect you.

    3. Salespeople do not charge for their time, consultants do. Also another positioning technique I learned from Kyle in one of his Consulting videos, consultants are busy, sales people are never busy to talk to a new client. I ALWAYS ask to return the new clients call when they call me so I can prepare.

    4. By charging more, you get all the above, AND you discourage the bad clients who want too much for their limited budget, then pay late, or don’t pay. The less I charge, the more I get screwed (no respect).

    Your client will get a LOT more billable hours, and a lot of new customers from your services, so charge accordingly.

    Still learning …

    1. Hey Matt

      That’s awesome mate, $12k and 4 out of 4 is a pretty solid record!

      I like the comparison between your hourly rate and your clients — if they are charging $160 then there’s no reason you can’t. In fact, when you demonstrate your worth to them they’ll have no problems paying you significantly more than what they themselves make 😉

      Good to see you in the forum too, there’s a TON of great content in there that you’ll really benefit from.


  3. I agree with Kyle about leveraging “offline” abilities. Just recently we had a similar situation where, they wanted to know about keywords.

    We are now in a situation where we are did a review of their business and a report ( charged for though I realise now not enough! )

    In addition they are getting a new website , through a partner of ours, and they have paid upfront a fee for coaching.

    It is good to see how everyone else is doing it. In this situation we had an initial meeting we did not charge for. Perhaps next time we could do it differently?


  4. hay kyle ! 2 weeks ago ihad worked on my project of making a business profile of such company who has recently moved its business online and faced some difficulties to settling its business in a profitable form. during searching somethin, i had read ur all suggestions and magic tips and these advices really helped me but one thing i have to ask u why u and Matt suggest ” Raise your Price”? Is this strategy fulfills the customer requirements who want spend efficintly nd safe somemoney?

    1. The simple answer is when you raise your prices you attract better customers — ones who value results more than saving a buck, can afford to spend money on marketing, and naturally want to choose the best available option.

      There will always be people happy to work for pennies for the penny-pinching clients. And they deserve each other.

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