Goals Vs Systems

Been a little quite on the "daily" emails lately because I'm focusing on growing my Adwords agency and ecom business... plus the surf has been pumping.

Ever notice how many people set the same goals year after year but never quite hit them?

While others seem to achieve their goals as easy as completing a grocery list.

If you struggle to hit your goals consistently then I have good news for you. Because I was one of those people. And through trial and error over many years I discovered a simple strategy to make goal setting work for me. And I'm quite confident it will work for you to.

It all comes down to the idea of Goals Vs Systems.

Say you have a goal of creating a 250k consulting business. Most goal setting advice tells you to break it down into manageable chunks. So you do the math and figure you need to generate just under $21,000 per month, or $4800 per week, to hit your goal. If your average sale is 5k then one client a week will do the trick.

But what happens if you don't get a client this week? Or this month? Now the numbers are out of whack. You either need to shift your monthly targets up make up for the bad month, or you keep shooting for the 21k knowing even if you get it you're not going to achieve your goal for the year.

Either way there's a feeling you're falling behind.

If you're a pessimist you start thinking you'll never reach your goals.

If you're an optimist you keep imagining the good months in the future making up for the poor months now, with some crazy hockey stick revenue graph that never eventuates.

You exist in a state of near constant failure. That gets tiring quickly.

And even when you DO eventually hit your goals it's never quite as satisfying as you imagined. So you set bigger, bolder, more audacious goals and the cycle starts again.

I propose there is a better way.

Focus on systems not goals.

For example, a 250k consulting business is a goal. But spending the first hour of every morning marketing your business is a system. Surfing 6ft barrels is a goal. Surfing every morning is a system. Wanting to lose 25 pounds is a goal. Eating like a healthy adult is a system.

Now you can argue that every goal has a system to achieve it, and every system has some kind of goal.

But the importing thing is where you FOCUS.

In my experience the people who focus more on systems almost always come out on top.

You might find a 200k business gives you everything you need. And stretching for the extra 50k was an unnecessary stress that brings little more net profit.

Likewise you might find yourself staring down the barrel of a million dollar JV opportunity that your goal-focused self may have never seen because they were so focused on a goal that had actually become a self-limitation.

Every time you work your system you are winning. You get a good feeling. Those good feelings build each day. You start building momentum. You're happy. And soon you're achieving things you might never have thought to set as goals because they seemed so unattainable.

Talk soon,

Kyle Tully

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