Fast Web Formula Review

220+ People Wearing Fast Web Formula Hoodies

Were you at the recent sold-out Fast Web Formula event here in Sydney?

(If you were, I’d love to hear your experience in the comments below. If you missed out this time, don’t worry because Fast Web Formula 2 is fast approaching. More details soon.)

Now it’s been 5 weeks since the event, the dust has settled and the “Monday morning glow” has worn off, I wanted to write a quick review and share my experience.

First let’s take a look at…

What Fast Web Formula Was NOT

  • Not your typical multi-speaker 90-minute slam-fest.
  • Not a “rah rah” feel good event that you forget by Monday.
  • Not outdated strategies from speakers who only talk the walk.

Frankly, I don’t go to many events these days — too much talk, too much hype, and too little real actionable content.

But James Schramko has been quietly developing a cult following with his high-quality Internet marketing training events (Underground Profit System, Business Internet Formula, and Fast Web Formula) over the past few years…

… and we’ve become good friends in the process…

… so when he asked me to come to Fast Web Formula and share my offline business consulting strategies I jumped at the opportunity.

(That’s James and I on the couch speaking to the 220+ strong crowd.)

I was lucky enough to meet and chat with many of the attendees, and not only was the feedback on the content consistently positive, but everyone was simply having a really good time.

Never heard the phrase “mind blowing” so many times in one weekend.

By all accounts it was a value-packed event — with zero refunds — and most people I spoke to said they’d be back for FWF2.

(About half of the attendees had been to one of James’ previous events.)

Why Was Fast Web Formula Different?

Real Training From Real Experts (Not Professional Speakers)

The expert lineup read like a “who?” of Internet marketing:

  • Peter Parks
  • Dean Hunt
  • Kyle Tully
  • Kerry Finch
  • Steve O

None of us are professional speakers, 3 of us (including myself) had never spoken in public before, and only 1 (Dean) had any kind of name recognition.

Rather than trotting out all the “big guns” James gathered his inner circle — the people he works with on a daily basis — to share exactly what’s working for them.

Because of this the event had a really friendly atmosphere (not an ego in sight) and all the speakers made themselves available for questions throughout the entire weekend.

Synergistic Training That Works Together

One of the things I’ve always hated about seminars is every speaker tries to pull you in a different direction.

One guy is telling you eBay is the path to easy riches, another swears affiliate marketing is where it’s at, someone else is saying CPA is the wave of the future… and none of the strategies work together!

The great thing about Fast Web Formula is it really was an A-B-C of how to start an Internet business. All the training works together and enhances everything you learn.

For example..

  • Steve O taught keyword/market research.
  • Kerry showed how to create content and get free traffic from articles.
  • Dean revealed secrets for getting attention and creating buzz.
  • Peter let loose on getting tons of free “web 2.0” traffic
  • I showed how to leverage it by working with local businesses.

And James tied it all together showing how he created a multi-million dollar Internet marketing business in just a few short years using these exact strategies.

Conversational Learning Environment

The most common comment I heard over the weekend?

“I love the couch”.

Rather than having speakers pacing the stage, talking at the audience, we had a very casual setup with a couch and 2, 3, 4, even all 5 of us on stage at once.

Not only did this bring the speakers physically closer to the audience and encourage more audience interaction, but the dynamic of speakers chatting on the couch allowed each session to develop organically… with ideas flowing freely back-and-forth between speakers… and gave plenty of time for people to take notes.

50/50 Men and Women!

If you’ve been to any event in the Internet marketing industry you know this is unheard of.

The hyped-up tone of most events usually puts the ratio at something like 80% men and 20% women.

But Fast Web Formula was an almost exact 50/50 split. I’ve got to say it’s AWESOME to see more women getting involved in Internet marketing and in the rapidly expanding offline business consulting market.

Educational “Hot Seats” Each Day

Continuing with the “education not just entertainment” theme of the event, at the end of each day we had audience hot seats.

Everyone had the opportunity to submit a website, salesletter, or marketing campaign for review by the expert panel.

Some people just needed to tweak a few things, while others were advised to start over again. (Painful, but better than struggling with something for years only to later find out it never had a chance of success.)

And we got to see first hand just how actionable the advice was, when just 1 day after being in the hot seat one guy completely re-built his website, instantly improving it beyond belief… and winning a mentoring spot with James for his efforts.

What About Real World Results?

It’s all well and good to have great content, down to earth speakers and a friendly supporting atmosphere, but what about real world results of attendees?

Well, I saw on Facebook the other day that one guy (from Singapore) who spoke with Peter Parks for just 25 minutes made $2853 over the next few weeks.

One of my students landed a $9,000 website project soon after the event. And another did $30,000 in new business over a 2-week period.

And there are over 200 video testimonials similar to these:

The bottom line is live events are a fantastic way to meet new clients, get motivated and inspired, learn the latest tricks ‘n tactics, and network with people headed in the same direction as yourself.

Fast Web Formula was certainly a groundbreaking event and has raised the bar for everyone else.

If you missed the first one then you should definitely check out the upcoming Fast Web Formula 2 in September.

I’ll be speaking again (along with 15 others including Ed Dale and John Carlton) and am putting together a bonus package that will make your decision to attend a done deal.

Stay tuned for more details 😉

Talk soon

p.s. If you were at the event I’d love to hear your takeaways. Hit me up with a comment below…

9 thoughts on “Fast Web Formula Review”

  1. I was in the audience and loved it!

    But it wasn’t just the content, the best part of all was the networking because there were so many like minded entrepreneurs looking to form partnerships.

    I’m actually doing a JV with someone I met at the seminar after being inspired by 1 licensing idea Kyle shared at FWF which has now grown into a much bigger and long term JV.

    There will be so many ideas shared, but all you really need is 1 that best fits with your life

    1. Hey Sasha

      Was great to catch up with you at FWF. Love the mindset — you only need ONE great idea to make it all worthwhile.

      (And I got at least 3 BIG takeaways that are already making a massive impact on my business.)

      You’re spot on about the networking, you’re getting access to a PREMIUM group of people who are heading in the same direction to you, and have proven to step up to the plate when it matters.

      Looking forward to the next one, will make sure I give you are least one more idea 😉

      Talk soon

  2. Hi Kyle,

    FWF set a new ‘bar’ in IM seminars- and it was fantatstic to have speakers like yourself and Peter Parks ( as well as James, Steve O & Kerry Finch!) who normally keep a low profile!
    Fabulous content, all of the above you’ve mentioned as well – I had some massive ‘take aways’!

    1. Hi Maggie

      Indeed, I think the fact that all the “speakers” weren’t really speakers made a big difference… especially Steve who was an attendee at the last event and within one year progressed to being up there teaching.

      Just goes to show what can be achieved with the right advice and a little hard work!

      See you at FWF2!

  3. Hi,Kyle,hope all is well it was great to meet you on fast web formula 1,great mate good guy’s doing a great job i will buy your course in the near future just doing some of my own stuff,best regards,Norman

    1. Great to meet you too mate! Really looking forward to FWF2 — I think the progress people have made in the 6 months between events is going to blow some socks off.

  4. Hi Kyle,

    I am in James Forum and have just started checking out your blog, it’s so cool to see other people adding quality content on their sites. I am going to try and get my hands on the DVD’s of this and FWF2. So much to learn.

    Thanks again


    1. Hey Mitch

      Thanks for checking out the blog! Make sure you listen to all the interviews I’ve done as they are chock-full of useful tid-bits.

      Definitely get the FWF2 discs, TONS of great content in there. FWF3 is months away and I’m already getting excited.


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