Working Hard or Hardly Working?

“Sleep,” said Shakespeare, “rock they brain.”

Study after study shows it, a good night’s sleep makes for a sharper, more productive mind. And yet, your average worker gets 6 hours and 55 minutes. With half of those saying they were doing work up until an hour before going to bed.

A badge of honor worth wearing?

Hardly. Those hard-working types, it turns out, are hardly working… or at least, hardly working at true capacity. Despite delusions to the contrary.

Scientists have yet to figure out how sleep restores your brain function. But they have no doubt that it does. So ye sleep-deprived, if we get a lot done now… imagine what we could accomplish well-rested.

One of the first bad habits we try to correct during our Tycoon Inner Circle coaching programs is people working too hard… burning the candle at both ends… constantly pushing yourself to cram more into the day, while sleep (and your life) suffer. It might feel like you’re working hard, but science shows you’re not as effective as you think. Couple of great tips here on being more productive and getting a better night’s sleep.


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