How Google Think – An Insiders View

In Australia only 50 % of small business are online

Wow. That means as the owner of a web development business, SEO business and Internet marketing coaching community things are on the way up. Business owners are more aware that online business is the way to grow faster (or get left behind). Google Australia have 550 staff .  Half of them are engineers, the other half are marketing based. In Australia we are going to receive  a faster internet speed soon. (It is quite slow compared to the USA).

I’ve been saying this for the past 3 years but it’s becoming more and more clear recently, we are still in the beginning stages of the growth of Internet marketing. Only half of businesses in Australia have a website. 95% of the current websites are complete rubbish. And ALL of them need advice on strategy plus help with traffic and conversions. Some great tips on PPC in this post by James.


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