5 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips For Local Business Websites

My recommendation is to optimize thank you pages even further with the following tips:

  • Consider providing a discount for their next purchases. Many “offline” businesses (notably pizza joints) could give you discount coupons on your purchase that can be redeemed on next purchase. Your thank you page surely can perform a similar (or even better) job.
  • If you are selling product, consider selling some services associated with it. Or, consider selling add-ons like faster delivery or better packaging as an option on Thank You page.
  • At the very least, offer a newsletter subscription option on your Thank You pages so your customers can keep up with product updates and other announcements.

Because most small business websites don’t get a ton of traffic it’s important to maximize the traffic you do get. (Conversion is more important than traffic.) One of the conversion checklist items we use for every page of a website is “does this page have a call to action?” — chance are if it doesn’t, it probably should… either selling a product, giving away something for free, asking for a phone call etc. Check out this article for a few interesting ways to get started maximizing pages you might otherwise never have thought of.


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