The Opportunity Roundabout

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Today I want to talk about what I call The Opportunity Roundabout...

When I was a young kid I played a lot of sport.

Tennis, cricket, soccer, swimming, football, BMX, inline skating, Taekwondo...

You name it I probably played it.

At least for one season.

See, like a lot of entrepreneurially-minded people, I get excited by new things. By possibility. The potential of what could be.

I'd get pumped up buying all the new gear. (Thanks mum!) Start watching the sport on TV. Subscribing to all the magazines. Talking with all my friends about it.

Really getting into it.

But soon reality would kick in -- and I'd realise I wasn't one of the "naturally" talented kids -- that it would take years of blood, sweat, and tears to become excellent at this particular sport...

... well, all the sudden the other opportunities start looking a lot brighter...

"I bet I'd make a great football player..."

And the cycle starts again.

(Not surprising, I never turned pro at any of those sports.)

I see a lot of people doing this in the business world too.

They see an opportunity and dive in with both feet...

You buy the product and rip your way through it.

You begin to get excited.

Finally, THIS is what you've been looking for.

Everything starts to make sense.

You start to picture what the future is going to be like.

New house. New car. Easy lifestyle.

This time it'll be different.

And then reality sets in...

A problem comes up. Question goes unanswered. Doubt.

Maybe life gets in the way. A new baby. New job. Marriage. Divorce. Moving house. There's always something.

Or a faster, easier, simpler, shinier, newer, "sure thing" opportunity grabs your attention.

And then you're off to the races on that one.

Before you know it six months has passed and you still haven't made any money.

Then soon enough you find yourself back at the original opportunity you were looking at. Only this time you're a little older, a little poorer, and a little further behind.

If you're lucky you catch yourself in this pattern and break out of it before it's too late.

Many people don't.

(I once met a guy who'd been repeating this pattern for over 10 years. Never made a dime online. Still buying opportunities.)

Here's the big secret:

All the opportunities work. (If you work them.) They all have pros and cons. There is always someone further ahead of you. Bigger, stronger, faster, more experience.

And the grass is ALWAYS greener.

But guess what?

That will never change!

So choose one. Make the decision to stick with it until you are successful. No excuses. Because otherwise in six months you're going to end up in the same place you are now.

Talk soon