The Curse of Intelligence

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It's 11:31pm here in Sydney as I sit down to write to you today.

Just got back from ice hockey training -- Legs burning. Lungs on fire. A weird pain in my back that I'm sure will plague me later in life.

Man it feels good to be alive!

Anyway, it's a 25 minute drive home from the rink which gives me plenty of time to think. And I've been thinking about you.

Specifically a question/objection a few of you have raised:

"Kyle, one thing that stops me from taking action in the
consulting arena is the thought that experienced people
like yourself and your students have already staked the
hottest niches and dominate the keywords in those markets.
How can a newbie such as myself compete?"

Not a bad question.

But it's flawed.


Because it's based on a thought. Not research. Not hard data. Not "I spoke with 5 business owners in the XYZ market and found it's too competitive".

And thoughts are funny things.

Funny in that they like to play games with you. Like to test you. Keep you safe. Not let you get too far outside your comfort zone, lest you make a mistake and get kicked off the island.

And they'll kill your chances of success if you let them.

I call it the curse of intelligence.

See, smart people can always come up with a reason why something won't work. Why it's a bad idea. Questions, objections, and perfectly logical-sounding arguments that stop them taking action.

All the while others are taking action.

Too "simple" to realise why it won't work.

But, almost like magic, it does work.

(Ever thought to yourself "why are all these idiots making money and I'm broke"? This is one of the reasons!)

What I have found is 90% of people are too smart for their own good. And they come up with these same objections. Then never take action. So the number of real players in any one market is generally much smaller than you might think.

And when you factor in all the different marketing strategies available to you... USPs you could adopt... and sheer size of most markets...

There is often very little crossover!

The fact is most niches are still WIDE open.

A quick Google search of any major market will confirm this.

Or chat with some business owners in the niches you want to explore and get their insider viewpoint.

Many of our students find their biggest "competitors" are the offshore email spammers offering SEO services. And with the tools we have at our disposal they're simply not an issue.

Even the markets that have been "claimed" -- well, there's usually only one or two players doing anything significant.

(In one of the niches I'm in we currently sell to about 0.02% of the market. And the business is a smash hit. The market could support three more like us no problem.)

There's plenty of clients, rankings, PPC positions and profits to go around.

You've just got get out of your own way and go get them.

In the words of Dan Wieden - Just Do It!

Yesterday I mentioned something I've been working on that will help you "get it done".

It's almost ready for prime time.

If these last few emails have resonated with you then you should take a peek. It covers everything I know about how to get this "inner game" stuff sorted.

More tomorrow.

Talk soon