Targeting Larger Clients (Q&A)

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All week I'm answering subscriber questions about consulting.

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Casey asks:

"I'd like to learn more about selling "email marketing" to bigger businesses. Currently I run a white label service setting up email systems, landing pages, writing sales funnels etc but mostly my clients are smaller businesses who don't pay a lot. Do you have any suggestions on how to target larger clients?"

You bet - I've made a career out of helping people do just this!

The main issue that holds most people back is their mindset. On some level they simply don't believe they can get larger clients. This manifests itself in believable-sounding reasons why you can't, won't, or haven't yet done it.

Some of the more commons ones I hear:

"I don't have enough experience."

"People won't pay that much."

"I don't want to rip people off."

"I haven't got a team in place that could handle it."

"I'm too busy with my current clients."

There are plenty of others. But they're all excuses that can be easily solved... if you really want to.

So the first step is to note down what runs through your mind when you think about going after larger clients. Become aware of the language patterns, thought processes, and filters you're using. Because until you clear these negative beliefs anything else you attempt to do will get self-sabotaged.

Some questions to think about that will help you understand your true value:

- What results have you generated for yourself or others in this area?

- What type of results could your *ideal* clients expect to get if you developed something similar for their business?

- What is the lifetime value of each client you generate for your ideal client?

- What is the asset value of an email marketing system that you develop that generates an $X lifetime client value over Y years? (Hint: this is usually hundreds of thousands if not millions.)

- What is your opportunity cost of building this system for someone else rather than building it for your own business?

You should quickly see how valuable you really are to the right client... how important your time is... and how much your skills are wasted on people who don't pay a lot.

This is at least half the battle.

Because when you truly get this you will figure out all the "how to" stuff pretty quickly:

Raise your prices. Define in detail your ideal client. Position your packages to appeal to this ideal client. Write copy that resonates with your ideal client. Market directly to your ideal client.

Marketing 101.

But it's your mindset that'll trip you up.

Talk soon,

Kyle Tully