How A 20-Year Old With 2 Months Experience Landed A 6-Figure Client

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Jock Purtle

Today I've got a really exciting interview for you...

Jock Purtle is a 20 year old guy from Sydney, Australia. He's been an Internet marketing consultant for just 2 months. And he's already landed his first 6-figure client.

That's right, two months in and he's got a client paying him $9k per month.

How would YOU spend $9,000 a month?

Now, you might be thinking Jock's some kind of techno whiz-kid or Internet marketing superstar... nothing could be further from the truth.

He's just a regular down-to-earth guy who had a big goal, found people who could help him along the way, and took decisive action to achieve his dreams.

And he started just like everyone else:

No experience, no testimonials, no track record.

In fact, he has only owned a computer for 4 years and didn't even use the Internet until he left school!

And get this: Jock isn't doing any of the work. Yup, he's outsourcing the entire project.

Like my colleague Ben Settle said:

"9k per month at 20 yrs? Dude's a stud"

Here's just some of what we covered on the call:

  • The step-by-step marketing system Jock used. (Including where he got leads, how he contacted them, what he said, and how he followed up.)
  • FREE tools and resources for putting together a "no brainer" offer for any smart business.
  • Why he took a few weeks to setup his business systems correctly from the start. (Because of this, once he started his marketing campaign it was actually only 2 days before he landed his client!)
  • The mindset that enabled a 20-year old kid to walk into a multi-million dollar business and be confident in his ability to help them. (In Jock's own words this is the most important part of the process.)
  • How he's outsourcing all the work and still taking the lion's share of the profits for himself.

If you're thinking about getting started in the consulting business -- or just need a little inspiration -- then you're going to love this interview.

Check it out then hit me up with a comment. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Resources mentioned on the call:

If a 20-year old kid can land a 6-figure client 2 days after starting his marketing campaign, imagine what you can do...

Click HERE to get started with an "unfair advantage"...

26 thoughts on “How A 20-Year Old With 2 Months Experience Landed A 6-Figure Client”

  1. Incredible story. I appreciate Jock’s willingness to share the details of what he did and what it takes to be successful with this business model. He comes across as confident and organized in this interview and no doubt that helped when he was presenting his proposal to the client.

    Thanks for posting this Kyle, and thank you Jock for your generosity both here and on the SFR forum.

  2. Hi Jock and Kyle

    Nice audio and inspirational. Love your “go for it” attitude and I enjoyed our phone call Jock a few weeks ago.

    Loved your video idea by the way and I will build that in the plan for 2010. It is a great lesson to think through what I charge when and where.

    Have a great Christmas,

    Best Wishes


  3. Hello Kyle,

    This is an excellent audio. I really believe it helped me to overcome my last bit of fear in pursuing this business. Jock is very very insightful and so calm about his approach and success. This is a must listen for people new to your program. The secret is in the planning as it will cement your confidence in charging the big fees. Thank you for providing this for us! Happy Holidays!!

  4. Thanks Kyle and Jock.
    Great start Jock. I use a similar approach to get SEO jobs (video reviews) but haven’t added the email response box. Hmmm may try that.
    Cheers and have a great Christmas.

  5. Cheers Guys,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Thanks Kyle for the interview mate I think I got more out of it than everyone else.

    I have to say that I enjoy helping business owners becuase I know that they will get 10x more value than what I charge them.

    To anyone that has doubts about their ability use me as a guidepost



  6. Great interview, great tips, great attitiude, great results… Love it

    well done champ

    thanks Kyle for sharing

  7. This is inspirational stuff Jock and Kyle. I’m looking forward to putting this stuff into practice in 2010. Thanks for shining the spotlight guys.

  8. Hay Jock, firstly your openess and honesty in how you went about creating your business model is commendable. This is something I have looked at getting into as it suits my personality (I think), I hope you laughed at that? It has confirmed to me that this business model is very lucrative and emosionally rewarding. Kyle I know we’ve talked in the forum and I appreciate your time an efforts I know it will continue. This interview has been one of the best if not the best for information and a huge lift in enthausiasum.
    2010 will be a huge year for us all, its good to know we are all one big family.
    So a big thanks And you both ROCK.

  9. Hey Jock,

    You set a great example and inspiration for us all that it can be done !
    Very grateful for your insightful interview.
    Thanks a Million ! or more…

  10. Hey Jock and Kyle,

    May I ask a cheeky question ? how did you manage to get thru to the decision maker directly and quickly ? in my experience, there’s usually the gatekeeper, webmaster…followed by…talk to marketing mgr…talk to a committee….genuinely interested in how to go direct to the real buyer…esp with Med size firms.

    Many thanks for your insight

    PS: Hope to see you at Schramko’s FWF seminar in Sept.

    1. Hey Andrew,

      Not a cheeky question at all — it’s a great question, and a problem a lot of consultants struggle with.

      We have a couple of strategies for getting to the decision maker, but the mindset and positioning stuff I teach has as big an impact (if not bigger) than any “tactic”. If you’re not positioned correctly from the beginning it almost doesn’t matter how you contact them or what you say, you’re doomed.

      (Check out the Fast Start Kit for a good insight into the mindset you need, as well as the marketing systems we use.)

      Anyway, the first thing is simply to do your research. It’s much easier to get to the right person when you know who that is.

      Once you know exactly who you need to target then we use a multi-step online/offline marketing campaign that pulls them to us. We don’t chase.

      Here’s the thing: they have a problem. We have a solution. And we’re positioned in such a way that we stand out from all the other typical “SEO/website development” companies. So they seek us out.

      Most of the businesses we target are under 10 million dollars so there’s rarely multiple levels of management to wade through. The decision maker is often the owner himself, or one level down.

      And we start our contact from the top down, not the other way 😉

      Hope that helps

  11. Kyle,

    Thanks for the candid answer to Andrew’s question, one I can relate to with the multi-level shove off scenario.

    I did this very thing you are suggesting and got straight to the ceo just yesterday, despite the staff trying to shove me all ways away.

    I did have an advantage though, his site had been hacked and turned his aviation business into a drug’s online depot, all unknown to him until I pointed it out. When I contacted him after sending an email alerting him to the grave situation, he was ready to receive my direct call.

    OK, don’t get any ideas here, “hack someones site and then alert them to the problem” – ah just kidding.

    It does happen though and it is an excellent door from which to enter as the hero to save the day.

    Just search until you find someone’s site that has been hacked and do what I did.

    Maybe a strategy you already use Kyle, anyway.



    1. Hey Greg

      I’ve actually had the opposite happen to me, I called to alert their website had been hacked… and they accused me of doing it!

      I wouldn’t use this as an active strategy, but if I saw a site that was hacked (or just had a glaring error) I’d still give them a courtesy call to let them know. And if any business came out of it, great.

      Thanks for pitching in with your comments.


      p.s. Love the video your pic is based on! Hilarious.

  12. Yes Kyle,

    The thought did cross my mind that they would perhaps suspect that it was me!

    So yeah, probably not the best strategy.

    It is now 5 days since I brought this to their attention, did a follow up call today but their site still sits in Google as a drug dispensary.

    At 60 visit per day on “buying keywords” this is costing them lost business.



  13. @ Andrew – re getting past the gate keeper. You will normally find that the business owner’s name is listed on their website. Most sme’s have that are the perfect clients are small enough that the business owner normally has the final say in marketing decisions.

    All you need to do is call up the business and say. Hi, This is Jock Purtle, Is (insert business owners first name) there please.

    Because of the authority in your voice and the abrupt way you say it, you will get through 99% of the time. It is important that you only say their first name because the receptionist will automatically assume that you are on good terms with them and because you have asked for them directly you will normally get no resistance.

  14. Hey Jock,

    Awesome stuff man.

    Thank you kyle for putting this up.

    I do have some questions – when you said you paste the link for paypal payment for the audit report, how does the flow process go?
    eg link => thank you video that details they need to fill in => paypal?

    what’s on the actual thank you video?

    Also, if the client does wants to pay once the report is delivered..what do you do?

    or if they said I’lll send you a cheque…

  15. Paypal link – you have the option in paypal to customize the button and add a thankyou page.

    The thankyou page I add in is the survey, then they do it and go through the process.

    What’s on thankyou video = thanks for buying audit now do the survey (with link)

    Payment – you get payment upfront before you do the work

    Cheque – you don’t take cheque you get them to make payment via paypal or over phone

    However this process has changed to more of a new client script process which you will find in consulting tycoon

    I’m not saying the above doesn’t work, I have just evolved.

  16. Thanks Jock, hope you had a great holiday…

    Last question..what are you specifically looking to achieve with the survey?

  17. Haha at 33 I’m a pensioner to you guys. No seriously awesome interview. I started my consulting business properly in January and at first was just randomly cold calling which sucks, but now being more selective by doing video reviews.

    There’s a cool site some of you may know of called where you can search for your target niche and it will tell you the owners name and annual revenue.

    Anyway Jock you do speak very well and ooze confidence and that’s certainly needed in any business. I would also like to add that your right 80% of this business is mindset. I struggled with mine in the beginning but because I mentally switched to believing I have value to offer these businesses, I know I will attract the type of clients I want to work with.

    Thanks buddy and take care.

    Take care

    1. Hey Alex thanks for your comments. I hit 30 a few months ago so am not far behind! Manta is a fantastic tool we’ve been using for quite some time.

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