First Win Of The Season

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Got a great business building lesson for you today.

After a 5-year hiatus to focus on building my business I recently started playing ice hockey again.

(Yes, we have ice in Australia. Yes, we play ice hockey.
Though frankly even most Aussies are surprised at this!)

Anyway, last night on our road trip to Newcastle -- the 5th game of the season -- we finally got our first win for the year... taking down the 2nd ranked team in the comp 6-3 on their home ice.

Funny thing was we were missing a few guys from the lineup... didn't have our coach... and over the course of the game had three of our players tossed out.

At one stage we had ONE player on the bench.

Normally you'd have TEN!

(If you're not familiar with ice hockey our "shifts" are normally about 60 seconds in length. You work hard for a minute then get a line change and a fresh bunch of players come out. My longest shift last night was over 5 minutes!)

So what changed?

How did we pull out a win under such circumstances?

Actually it all started before the game...

See, other weeks we had focused on tactical things to work on -- breaking out of our zone, dumping and chasing, getting a forecheck going...

... all good things and all things we should get better at.

But this week we decided to keep it simple.

The only thing we focused on was this:

"Score goals and stop them from scoring goals"

Sounds obvious. Logical. Too simple.

But it worked.

Almost like magic all the other stuff happened automatically when we focused on the only things that mattered.

What does this have to do with building your business?

Keep it simple and focus on what matters!

"Generate leads and get clients."

Everything else is "good" and "right" and you probably need to work on.

But it's not what will give you the first win of the season.

Talk soon

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