You only need one

Below is an email (slightly edited) I got from one of my High Value Client Express members.

I wanted to share this with you because it shows two important things:

1. If you put the work in you WILL get results.

2. You only need ONE good case study to start building momentum.

How powerful is a case study in your marketing?

Leon used *cold calling* and got two appointments from two calls. (I'm not great a maths but 2/2 sounds pretty good.) More importantly, he now has a message that's proven to get the attention of business owners. He can take the same script he used on the phone and scale it via direct mail, Facebook ads, Adwords etc.

There are a few other gold nuggets in this email so pay close attention.

Leon writes:

"I took onboard your advice about the done for you __________ service. I haven't been actively advertising it as a service - instead I've hit up some close contacts/networks and using it as a way to make some extra cash and build-up processes and a team for delivering this kind of work. I don't think I'll spin it off into its own thing and try to actively market it at this stage.

I've sold three _________ in the last month for $899 USD. It includes 800 words of copy and has a 10 day turnaround time.

Most of my focus has been on my PPC retainers. I am niching down into the ____________ industry. I've signed on two companies in the last month - aiming to get one in Adelaide, Sydney and Perth as well.

We're getting some awesome results - around a 10% conversion rate from Adwords and around 300% ROI for both of these guys. I'm charging $2K flat for PPC and landing page management.

Cold calls are working really well - got two appointments this week from two calls. Having a case study in their industry you can leverage makes a massive difference.

Aiming to get to $25K recurring monthly revenue by the end of July - which is 8 more customers for me. My wife and I are going to Europe for 3 months so it'd be nice to not be penny pinching too much over there :P. I think I can hit that target pretty easily with cold calling + referrals.

Thanks again for your course a few months back - has made a big difference in how I'm looking at my strategy for growing this.

- Leon"

Here's your action plan:

Get a client.

Get a case study.


Talk soon,

Kyle Tully