Why lead generation fails

Been helping clients with lead generation lately and noticed a trend.

The people who struggle to generate quality leads are making one or more of these four common mistakes:

1. They have not identified their ideal clients.

2. They are not clear on the BIG specific problem they can solve.

3. They have not learned to communicate their differentiated value to prospects.

4. They are not communicating with prospects consistently.

Put simply, if you're trying to market undifferentiated services in a scattershot way to anyone who can fog a mirror then you're going to struggle to get any traction with lead generation.

Why? Because your prospects have heard it all before.

Websites, content marketing, SEO, PPC, apps... there's a million people trying to sell each of these and I guarantee you're not the first person to contact your prospects. The moment you start sounding just like everyone else, you've lost them.

Lead generation gains momentum when:

- You are crystal clear on who your ideal client is.

- You know exactly what their pains are and have a specific solution for them.

- You speak their language and immediately identify yourself as someone who understands them and can help them.

- You show up consistently, predictably, and with authority.

There are dozens of tactics for lead gen but it's this underlying strategy that will make or break your efforts.

Talk soon,

Kyle Tully