The Energy of Action

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Recently in the TIC forum one of my students noticed something strange.

Taking action in one area of her business starting producing results in others.

Here's what she wrote:

"As Kyle mentioned earlier in this thread:

'The more energy you are generating around your business the more energy you attract.'

That's certainly happening again for me.

I posted direct mail letter no 3 on Thursday evening, and so far, these are some of the things that have happened in my business:

- Prospect from direct letter no 3 rang
- A prospect from one of my previous direct mail letters signed up for my email
- Past prospect contacted me from a year ago
- Previous client reactivated
- Current client ordered another AdWords package for one of his other businesses"

Now, this might seem strange to some.

But I've found it happens time and time again.

You send a direct mail campaign, and a prospect from a year ago (who didn't even get this letter) calls out of the blue.

You make some follow up calls and the next day someone you didn't call buys a high ticket package direct from your website.

You start running Facebook ads and suddenly existing clients upgrade their packages.

You get focused and take massive action and top people in your industry ask to interview you... joint venture partners start contacting you... mentors appear.

Call it what you will -- energy, focus, coincidence, luck, god... it doesn't really matter.

What's important is this:

It happens like clockwork.

The more action you take, the more results you generate.

And the results often come from places you'd least expect.

This is why momentum is so important.

Why one-shot event-based marketing rarely works.

And why we focus so much on PROCESS in the Tycoon Inner Circle.

Because while the results of any one action you take can be unpredictable, the cumulative effect of doing the right things consistently over a long enough period of time makes you unstoppable.

Talk soon,

Kyle Tully