Be prepared to reinvent yourself

Got some great responses to the "predictions" email I sent on Friday.

(If you missed it you can check it out on the blog here.)

Hank writes:

"Hmm seen all this too. I mean you nail it everytime. Point number 2 has me concerned. I would be disappointed to think that optimization would be point and click. Hopefully we may still be the middle man. I do think most don't want to bother with it. And like it or not, they leave it in our hands to simply handle it. Kyle I think this may ultimately just depend on "old school" making your clients feel comfortable with you with good service."

Yes relationships and service are vital.

But you need to provide value over and above just being a middle man.

I've been preaching trusted advisor positioning from the very first consulting course I created. And as the middle man position gets squeezed from both sides -- by technology and cheap labour -- it's only going to become more important.

Think about it, "middle man" is a negative term.

People want to cut out the middle man.

"Like it or not, they leave it in our hands to simply handle it" --> THIS is why the market is ripe for disruption. Most business owners aren't thrilled with the agency they're using. They're not happy with the results. They just don't see a better option... yet.

Productised services... SAAS... artificial intelligence... programmatic advertising...

We've got a few years left before the tech lives up to the hype and our robot overlords take full control.

But make no mistake these changes are coming.

And they are going to impact those who are unprepared.

Some questions to think about:

What value do you bring to the table over and above being a middle man?

How can you add strategic advice to serve the high end of the market?

How can you productise your service to service the low end?

Be prepared to reinvent yourself.

Talk soon,

Kyle Tully