#1 sign you’re not ready to grow

Making 50k as a consultant is pretty easy.

You hustle, go to a few networking meetings, work your contacts, get known as "the guy who knows about this internet stuff", and a rag tag bunch of projects land in your lap.

Getting to 100k is a little tougher.

But if you're good at what you do, keep hustling, and get some referrals you can get here with the same strategies that got you to 50k.

Breaking through to the next level -- 250k+ -- is where most people get stuck.

(Side note: 250k is where a consulting business starts to turn from a nice job into a real business. You can now afford to hire a project manager, outsource to quality service providers, pay the tax man, and still give yourself a nice salary.)

Working with hundreds of consultants over the years I've boiled it down to a single reason why people are not ready to grow to this level and beyond.

Know what it is?

Cold. Paying. Clients.

If you've not yet generated paying clients from a cold list then your chances of getting to the next level are pretty slim.

You see, the strategies that got you this far rarely scale much past the 100k mark. Your networks are only so big. Your clients only have so many people they can refer. You can only hustle for so long.

At some point you have to go out into the real world and generate your own leads.

And when you've done this once, you can do it again.

So if you're struggling to grow and all your current clients have come from warm sources then your #1 task is to build a lead generation system.

Build it. Nail it. Scale it.

Talk soon,

Kyle Tully