What Jay Abraham taught me about joint ventures

About 7 years ago I enrolled in one of Jay Abraham's mentoring programs.

All about partnering with business owners and generating multiple passive income streams, even during a recession. A year-long program that cost $4,200... and was worth every penny.

Now, if you've been involved in any of Jay's programs you know he likes to deliver a LOT of content.

I stopped counting at over 2000 pages of material and 30+ hours of audio.

(That was just the "pre-course" content to get you up to speed on Jay's methods. On top of this we had coaching calls and homework assignments every week. Not to mention prospecting for clients and actually running your business.)

Training on copywriting, barter, building wealth, USP development, referrals, advanced strategy of pre-eminence, and much more.

A literal treasure trove for any marketer.

But it was overwhelming.

There was too much info. Not enough structure. Bright shiny ideas pulling me in all directions. I knew I had to sift through the noise, 80/20 this bad boy, and focus.

That's when I stumbled on the joint venture manual.

And I knew I'd hit gold.

(Jay has done about a bajillion dollars in JV deals and has forgotten more than most people know about how to funnel lucrative opportunities right into your lap.)

Sure there were scripts and examples and ideas and all that good stuff.

But more than anything it was his mindset and fundamental approach that helped me land my first few deals so quickly.

Here's just a few of the core beliefs he drilled into me that gave me the confidence needed to score deals quickly:

1. Most people want more money.

2. Most people are sitting on opportunities they simply don't have the time, knowledge, or resources to fully exploit.

3. Most people have problems they need help solving.

4. Most people don't know as much about marketing as you do.

5. Most people are lazy.

Simple stuff, right?

However once you internalise these beliefs and approach people with a rock-solid mindset that you can help them, magical things happen.

Doors open. Deals flow to you. Opportunities present themselves:


Talk soon,

Kyle Tully