How James Reynolds Scaled His $100k SEO Business Over The Last 18 Months [Interview]

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I first interviewed James Reynolds back in December 2010. He was 6 months into his business at the time and had just broken the $100,000 barrier.

Over 1,100 people have downloaded that original interview and it inspired many to kick-start their own offline business.

So, 18 months later where is he at now?

We jumped on Skype yesterday for a quick catch up and it was fascinating to hear the direction he has gone.

On this short 23-minute call we chat about:

  • How James has narrowed his focus and generated "considerably better" results than his initial $100k.
  • Why his business is now more scalable than it was before.
  • The problem he faced with capacity and how he overcame it.
  • How he dramatically reduced client interaction and support.
  • Would James do everything exactly the same if he was starting over again? You might be surprised at his answer.
  • And lots, LOTS more...

My side of the audio is a little robot-like due to a dodgy Skype connection but James is crystal clear and the content is solid.

Tune in and if you have any questions just pop them in the comments below.

Resources mentioned on the call:

5 thoughts on “How James Reynolds Scaled His $100k SEO Business Over The Last 18 Months [Interview]”

  1. interesting interview. Thanks guys for sharing your success stories. The insights you both shared reminded me of what I heard recently. My skiing instructor talked about what created the best skiers.
    constant repetition of simple movements, the right ones. 10 thousand times, no fancy stuff, just focus and do the work.

    I guess the breakthrough moment appears when a person knows what is right and what should be avoided. It is easy to scale up from there.

    all the best

  2. You’re spot on Martyna — first thing we work on is getting people focused on the right things. Once they know exactly what they should be working on it’s just a matter of doing the work.

    Many people I speak with are so confused at to what they should be doing — or in which order — they are paralyzed and cannot take action.

    Sometimes the best information you can get is being told what you don’t have to worry about!

  3. Thanks for this, James and Kyle!

    Short and to the point but lots of value.

    Much success!

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