7 Steps to High-Level Consulting Clients

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If you have struggled to get clients using direct mail and video reviews (or just want to add a new strategy to your marketing mix) then today’s interview will be right up your alley.

You see, after seven months and over 50 video reviews Janna hadn’t got a single client…

… but within 5 weeks of attending her first networking event she secured 2 new clients and 4 strategic referral partners who now send her pre-sold prospects every month.

Listen in to hear how she did it.

Some key takeaways from the call include:

  • Why video reviews and direct mail simply do not work for some people.
  • How Janna went from ZERO new clients in 7 months… to securing 2 new clients and 4 strategic referral partners within 5 weeks of implementing this system.
  • Examples of ideal strategic partners who will refer high-level clients to you.
  • How to leverage your strengths and avoid wasting time on strategies that simply aren’t suited to you.
  • Critical mistakes most people make that sabotage your chances of success with networking.
  • Why getting clients directly from networking events should only be your secondary goal. (The primary goal Janna reveals will get you a LOT more clients and actually takes less work!)
  • The 7-Step Networking Gold system revealed.

Click here to download the complete Networking Goldmine course.

5 thoughts on “7 Steps to High-Level Consulting Clients”

  1. Hey thanks for the cool tactics. Always looking to add new marketing strategies that work. I am really just getting amped up but I made 10-15 video reviews in the past few weeks and have gotten weak results. Though I know it is a good strategy, I needed quick results. So I like Janna tried a different strategy and I closed 4 deals in under a week and a half and have other appointments set at the first of the year that I will close. I guess finding the strategy that works for you and building that up and then expanding by demand.

    I definitely look forward to implementing this into my marketing calender. Thanks Janna and Kyle!


  2. I’ve heard that people are getting pretty good results doing the video method and have been planning on giving it a go after New Years. I’m always keen on learning new ways to get new clients. I’d be interested in hearing what strategy you are using Brandon.

  3. Nat, I have not been doing anything glamorous at all really:) Mainly just striking up conversations with local business owners via phone. Introducing myself as new in town and seeing if they have a site up or have been considering it. Locally, I have been able to make 10-15 calls and make 1-2 sales. It has helped get me going and now and can focus on some of these other cool techniques like Janna and Kyle are doing without having to worry about the bill money!


  4. I have been wanting to do something different as I like to mix it up a bit. So I am going to do the video marketing and go to local places and send them to the site so the site will sell itself since you know that people are less likely to be interested if we try to sell them on our service even though they really do need it. Thanks for the great advice.

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