Why Benefits Are Killing Your Sales

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Chatting with one of my Inner Circle members yesterday.

She asked a simple question:

"Kyle, what are the top three benefits to use when selling SEO to local business owners?"

And it sent me off on a bit of a rant.

Let me explain:

If you've been around marketing for more than a few days you've already been indoctrinated in the "benefits" cult.

You know what I'm talking 'bout:

Show them "what's in it for me".

Tell 'em what it can do for them.

Sell the sizzle.


Look, benefits certainly have their place...

But when it comes to consulting and selling high priced products and services, talking about the benefits of what you can do for a client will kill your chances of getting the gig faster than a slap in the face.

"Why's that Kyle?" I hear you ask...

Because when you're selling one-to-one you can ASK them what they want. You don't have to guess at the benefits they might want.

You simply ask and then talk about that.

See, rattling on about all the benefits of your product or service is necessary in a salesletter where you don't know which benefit is the one that will convert any particular prospect.

So you've gotta pile them on and hope for the best.

That's why conversion rates of 1-3% are considered good.

But when face to face (or phone-to-phone) with someone you can ask them specifically, exactly and precisely what problems they want to solve... what goals they have... what will make them buy right now.

And with the right questions can get a LOT more info on why.

Why they want what they want.

The deeper stuff that's unique to each prospect.

We call this their criteria.

And it works like gangbusters.

It's how we convert up to 80% of our prospects into clients.

There's a whole section on how to elicit your prospects criteria and get them to move directly into your highest priced products and services in Consulting Tycoon.

Talk soon