What can you do for me?

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Great question popped up after yesterday's email:

"I understand the difference between features, advantages, and benefits but I'm really struggling with what to say when someone asks 'so what can you do for me?'. It doesn't matter what I say or how I position the benefits I can't seem to get them interested."

Now, I've already answered the basic question of what you need to talk about to get prospects interested in Why Benefits Are Killing Your Sales.

(The short version is you need to stop talking about what you've got and ask them what they want.)

But the real lesson is this:

You don't have to answer questions.

Seriously, let me say that again...

You don't have to answer questions.

If you don't have an answer... if you don't want to answer... if it's not beneficial for you to answer right now... if there's information you need to get before answering... or if it's the wrong question...

You don't have to answer!

Just ask a question right back and they will follow your lead.

The person with the strongest frame wins.

Talk soon

P.S. All the questions YOU should be asking are in the New Client Script sales process you get in Consulting Tycoon.