What are you in it for?

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Every failure I've had in business can be traced back to focusing on the money.

For a long time my focus was on creating a six-figure business. That was my idea of success. My thought process in those days was along the lines of, "the X market is a Y billion industry, if I can just get Z% of the market I'll be rich!"

But of course it never quite worked out like that.

My first consulting business never got any momentum because I was too focused on how much potential money there was and not enough on understanding who my ideal clients were and how to get in front of them.

My first info product in the "job seeking" marketing failed because I didn't really understand the core desires of the market. I was only in it because I saw lots of searches and little competition.

My first half dozen attempts at affiliate marketing failed because I was chasing what I thought were easy dollars instead of truely solving peoples problems.

Because it doesn't matter how big a market is or how much money is flowing through it.

You won't get your fair share until you understand how to provide real value to the market.

When you take the focus off yourself and your wants -- and put it firmly on the market and their desires -- is when the magic starts to happen.

People sense you're not just after their wallet.

That you truely want to help.

Their defences go down.

They let you in to learn all about their deepest fears, biggest challenges, and real desires...

And now they're looking to YOU for the solution.

On a call with one of my private coaching clients yesterday they said, "the focus is on how many people we can help, it's not about the 5k".

That is the mindset of success.

Talk soon,

Kyle Tully