The “yes” trap

One of my favourite books over the past year or so is Essentialism by Greg McKeown.

Have you read it yet? Highly recommended.

Anyway, this morning I ran a training on essentialism for my inner circle clients.

The idea behind it is pretty simple:

Less but better.

Take on fewer clients who pay more and are more fun to work with.

Offer a smaller range of services but be world-class at them.

Attend fewer social events but be fully present at the ones you do attend.

Spend less time on Facebook and more time with real friends.

If you've ever felt busy but not productive then you're probably spending too much time on nonessential activities. "Majoring in the minors." We become experts at responding to emails... fiddling with WordPress... consuming content... juggling a thousand responsibilities... but never seem to hit any of our major goals.

It's all too easy to fall into the "yes" trap.

Yes I can take on this project.

Yes I can attend my 2nd cousin's half brother's wedding.

Yes I can get you that report by tomorrow.

Yes I can be at that meeting.

Yes yes yes.

Only so many hours in the day and if you fill them with long-term meaningless stuff then you'll never get where you wanna go.

It's about learning to distinguish the trivial many -- and eliminate them -- so you can accomplish the vital few.

Say "no" by default.

Talk soon,

Kyle Tully