Stoopid prospect questions

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Today I wanna chat about the stoopid questions your prospects ask.

And why YOU answering them is costing you MUCHO moolah.

Ever got a phone call or email from a prospective client and one of the first questions they ask is something like:

"How much do you charge for a website?"

"Can you give me a quote for a salesletter?"

"I just need a price."

Let me ask you -- how did you answer?

Because the way you answer these questions has a massive impact on both your chances of landing the client, and the amount of moolah you're able to get.

So... what's your strategy? Do you:

a) Give your lowest price to try and undercut any potential competition.

b) Quote high and try to position yourself as the premium option.

c) Just give them your "rack" rate and let the chips fall where they may.

d) Give them a range of prices covering your various packages.

Clock's ticking. The prospect is waiting for your answer...

... these next few moments determine your fate...

What will it be?

I'm sure you've heard the saying "there are no stoopid questions, only stoopid people".

Funny line.

And like most funny things, there's an element of truth to it.

Because a question itself cannot be stoopid.

Only context makes it so.

And in my experience, 95% of the time when a prospect's first question is based around price it's because they're stoopid.

Not dumb. Silly. Or cuckoo.

They just don't know the questions they SHOULD be asking -- they're not aware of their real criteria, haven't thought about the objectives for the project, aren't sure how to value what you do.

So they fall back on the universal measuring stick... price.

And if you answer with a price, you're dead in the water.

Now, back to my original question. Got your answer?

A. B. C. or D.

Here's how we do it:

e) Don't give a price. Instead, find out what they need. Set the buying criteria for them. Build value for what you do. Take the trusted advisor position and put yourself in a category of one.

That is how you get the big bucks.

And these are the kind of ninja moolah-making skills you'll pick up as a member of Consulting Tycoon.

Talk soon