Slow Down to Speed Up

Got this email yesterday you might relate to:

"Time is the big issue and I don't want to get delayed trying to perfect etc , you know the usual things that delay me. Baby number 3 is on the way so I need to make this happen NOW, otherwise it never will."

There is a lot to be said for speed.

A cheetah that can run at 114kph rarely goes hungry.

I'm a big believer in speed of implementation.

But speed alone is not enough. Cheetah's hunt strategically. They use fallen logs and termite mounds to scan the plains from distance for weak prey. They use tall grass as cover to inch closer and closer to their target. The explosive burst of energy and electrifying chase is the endgame. And they will only risk this burst of energy when they are confident of a kill.

On average one out of two chases results in a kill.

As entrepreneurs our default behaviour is running at 114kph.

We jump from one idea to another, taking action as fast as possible in frantic bursts of energy, burning through energy and motivation as we attempt to get everything done.

We wear minimum viable product and speed to market as badges of honour.

And yet for all this action -- for all this energy burned -- the results don't always come.

Most would kill for the cheetah's 50% win record.

I've seen people repeat the cycle of frantically implementing one half-cocked idea after the other for 2-3 years before they catch on. Running full tilt at their prey from a mile away across an open plain. And they wonder why it always gets away.

Sometimes to speed up your results you need to slow down.

Hunt strategically.

Be a cheetah.

Talk soon,

Kyle Tully

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  1. Haha. Running full tilt at your prey from distance across and open plain. Nice analogy, and shows how stupid being flat out all the time is.

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