Should >> Could >> Must

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I've got 3 or 4 notebooks full of them.

Things I should do.

Programs I should create. Books I should write. Ideas I should implement.

Hundreds of pages of notes from seminars, books, courses, consultations, and info products.

But 99% of these plans will never see the light of day.


Because there isn't a big enough reason why to move them to the top of my pile of goals.

They will never move from should to MUST.

You see, there's three levels of goals we all have:

Should. Could. Must.

Most people operate entirely in the Should pile.

I should start going to the gym.

I should probably start building a list.

I should really try to hit that six figure goal this year.

They know there is a problem in their life. An area they want to improve. And they admit they should do something about it. They plan and dream and scheme but when push comes to shove they don't take action and stay stuck.

Many in the Internet marketing and consulting industries are in the Could pile.

I could go to the gym in the morning if I got up a little earlier.

I could start a weekly email newsletter and put an optin on my blog.

I could get a coach to shortcut the learning curve and show me what to do.

You know what to do, and have started a conversation with yourself about the different options for achieving your goals, but you're still not at the point of taking action.

High achievers know the results don't come until you operate from the Must pile.

Where your goals are specific, measurable, and have deadlines. Where emotion is involved and there is pain associated with not achieving them. Where you have a big reason WHY driving you forward.

I must go to the gym and lift weights 3 days a week because I want to be around to see my grandkids.

I must write 500 words a day and publish a weekly newsletter so I can start generating leads online, establish trust, and build my authority.

I must get a coach to help me get to six figures so I can finally quit my job, spend more time with my family, and have freedom!

In Tycoon Inner Circle we eliminate your should's, turn could's into musts, then keep you focused and accountable until you hit your goals.

Talk soon,

Kyle Tully