Rapid Implementation (The First Lesson)

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Your first lesson in rapid implementation:

Stop reading and go do something to grow your business.

Talk soon

P.S. Why are you still here?

There's no big secret to rapid implementation.

Your ability to take action is like a muscle.

The more you train it the stronger it gets.

And the stronger it gets the faster you become.

Right now your "action" muscle is weak.

I guarantee if you don't give it a good workout today you will NOT wake up tomorrow and magically be a master at rapid implementation.

In fact, if you instead keep training your "procrastinate" and "continue buying shit looking for the holy grail" muscles then you'll actually be worse at taking action tomorrow than you are today.

So implement something today to grow your business.

Send a letter. Make a phone call. Start a PPC campaign. Write an article. Connect with someone on LinkedIn.


It doesn't matter what.

Finish it. Ship it. Shut the lizard brain up.

Then do it again tomorrow.

And if you need a hand along the way: