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In the dating advice world there's a concept called "oneitis".

It's when a guy (or girl) gets obsessed with one single person.

You become infatuated and obsessed... thinking about them day and night... constantly wondering where they are and what they're up to... doing anything you can to be around them... dreaming about the life you'll one day have together.

You place them on a pedestal.

Build them up until they can do no wrong.

They become "the one".

Problem is, in most cases the infatuation is one-sided.

Often extremely one-sided.

Sometimes the other person doesn't even know you exist!

You're spending all this mental energy on one person -- passing over perfectly suitable partners waiting for "the one" -- blind to other amazing opportunities staring you in the face.

And of course you know how this plays out.

Focusing all your energy on one person makes you look desperate. You come across as needy. You start doing things that are out of character just trying to get their attention.

Soon enough you're hearing the words "stalker" and "psycho" and "Kyle what are you doing in that tree with those binoculars?".

So what does this have to you with you and your business?

Everything! Because the same "oneitis" problem exists in the consulting world.

You see, people get too hung up on single prospects.

You have a great meeting with someone, send a proposal, and don't hear anything back. What do you do? If you're like many people I speak with, you start worrying.

"Why haven't they got back to me? Maybe the price was too high? I knew I should have gone in lower. They've probably figured out I'm not experienced enough. I'm out of my league. They're probably shopping my proposal around now trying to get a better deal."

You're wasting precious mental energy on "what if" scenarios you have not control over.

And this mental chatter will cripple you if you're not careful.

You start sending follow up emails. "Did you get my proposal?" ... "Is there anything else you need?" ... "Just touching base"

Ouch! Stalker...

What you should be doing is going after new prospects.

Use that momentum from the great meeting to leverage into new opportunities.

Take the positive energy you have and multiply it.

Build a pipeline of positive meetings so you've got enough prospects in the system that success is inevitable.

Any one prospect may or may not become a client.

But when you have a dozen in the pipeline you can guarantee a few of them will come through.

Here's the system I use to build my pipeline and eliminate oneitis for good.

Talk soon,

Kyle Tully