Now Is The Time

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Hank writes:

"Damn you nail it again. It's like you are always writing what I am thinking.

I mastermind and we keep talking about how, now is the time. Especially if you went through any of the past down turns in the economy. Now is the time to get on the train. Put your head down and make the money while this window is open as "they" say.

This is when you run hard ......make the money while it is flowing"


First thing -- "writing what I am thinking" -- that's no accident.

The ability to get inside your prospect's head and understand the conversation going on inside is crucial. Some people think of this as a copywriting thing. It's not. It's a fundamental marketing skill every consultant needs to hone.

Your prospects are bombarded with sales and marketing messages all day every day.

After a while everything starts sounding the same.

Generic won't cut it.

If you can't speak to your ideal prospects about the exact challenges they're experiencing, specific benefits they want, in the secret insider language they use, and create offers targeted to the precise outcome they desire... then you're dead in the water before your campaign sets sail.

Second -- I gotta agree, now is the time to get on the train.

Businesses are spending BIG on digital marketing right now.

For example, this year's SoDAReport showed:

Nearly 30% of respondents were increasing investment in digital marketing this year.

39% moved funds from traditional marketing avenues to digital strategies.

31% of clients use 3 or more agencies to solve their digital challenges.

And 80 of the top agencies brought in over 2 Billion in collective revenue.

Plus tens of thousands of smaller agencies in the 6 and 7 figure range.

Make no mistake:

There has never been a better time to be involved in digital marketing consulting.

And with everything so uncertain these days it's irresponsible to put your faith in anyone else to provide employment, stability, or security for your family.

If you're still dabbling in business, chasing shiny objects, or haven't yet gone all in on this... what are you waiting for?

I've seen people sit on my list for 5 years, occasionally asking questions or dipping their toes in the water, but never really committing to anything big. Going through the same challenges today they had when they started. While others jump in the deep end, take massive action, and reap the rewards.

It's your choice how your story plays out.

Talk soon,

Kyle Tully