Living The Dream

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Yesterday one of my inner circle clients posted this photo of the view from his hotel in Thailand during our weekly coaching session:


"This is what I always use to dream about... traveling to different countries and working from my laptop."

I've spoken with hundreds of entrepreneurs over the years and the one thing everyone wants is freedom. Freedom to be WHO you want. Do WHAT you want. Go WHERE you please. Freedom to work with who you choose, on your schedule.

I remember the first time I ran into one of my coaching clients overseas...

I was travelling around Europe at the time. Posted a photo to Facebook of a cafe in Italy I was at, and he messaged me right away.

"Dude, I'm just around the corner, meet for drinks?"

We met up and he told me how he'd been travelling around Europe for the past 6 months with little more than a backpack and laptop. Writing copy and running Adwords campaigns for a handful of high level retainer clients.

Living the dream.

Of course, everyone has their own dream they want to live.

Creating Google ads on a beach in Thailand. Writing in a cafe in Paris. Running Facebook ads from a loft in New York. Masterminding SEO campaigns while you hike Machu Picchu.

Or just working from your kitchen table with the kids laughing and running around.

Yet simple 80/20 maths says most people won't ever make this dream a reality.

So... what can you do to tilt the odds in your favour?

Listen up because the answer is somewhat obvious yet alludes many people:

Do the work.

Pick a market. Do your research. Find their problems. Develop solutions. Generate leads. Get offers in front of them. Sell sell sell. Systematise, scale, then rinse and repeat.

And if you'd like my help building this out for your own business then why not apply for inner circle?

Talk soon,

Kyle Tully